Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle: Best Cars for Carrying Wheelchairs

Best Cars for Carrying Wheelchairs

Are you searching for the best cars for carrying wheelchairs? Would you like to know the best wheelchair-accessible vehicles for the money?

You’re in the right place.

Disability-friendly vehicles are not always easy to come by. Most caregivers have to spend hours upon hours searching for the best cars for wheelchair transfer before seeing something that suits their needs.

I understand the stress involved in all that. That’s why I decided to help make things easier by pointing out for you the best vehicles for carrying wheelchairs.

As you go through the article, you’ll get to know more about the vehicles.

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What features should you look out for when choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle?

The essence of choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is to be able to transfer wheelchairs of all sizes without stress and provide some sort of comfort to people with disabilities while transporting them.

If you are a caregiver or a person with limited mobility, you would need a car with features that make it more accessible. Some of those features include hand controls, manual and power-assisted seats, wheelchair lifts, enough space at the rear, low height, and so on.

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Best Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

While there are several great cars out there, very few come with the features listed above. Here are some of the best ones.

1 Renault Kangoo WAV

This car is definitely worth buying due to the size and the comfort it offers. The rear seats are designed in such a way that you can remove them entirely or easily move them to accommodate wheelchairs of any size.

The rear entry of Kangoo has enough space to allow a person with a disability to enter the vehicle without any form of discomfort.

Renault Kangoo, which was converted from the small panel van, is one of the best vehicles you can get out there for carrying wheelchairs.

2 Vauxhall Combo Life

This WAV was converted from the Vauxhall Combo van. It comes with enough space to accommodate a wheelchair and up to 4 able-bodied passengers.

A wheelchair can be placed in it through the entry at the rear where you will find a fold-out ramp with a big tailgate that is hinged at the top.

You can also increase the interior space to accommodate more wheelchairs by removing the two passenger seats at the sides.

It also comes with big doors, so you can get into the car and out without any form of discomfort.

3 Ford Independence

The Ford Independence is a wheelchair-accessible vehicle converted from the Ford Torneo Custom. It comes with an interior space that can comfortably accommodate more than one wheelchair at a time.

The vehicle is also coupled with a ramp at the rear that allows a person in a wheelchair to easily enter it. Like the aforementioned vehicles, the seats can be rearranged to carry even more wheelchairs.

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4 Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado was built to carry wheelchairs and passengers too. The height of the vehicle, the side doors and rear door, the low floor, and other great features the car comes with, make it worth buying.

If you desire a car that you can use to convey wheelchairs from one location to the other, Chevrolet Silverado is just the perfect option you can get right now.

The vehicle has received several great reviews on different review websites around the world. Some of those reviews were given by people with disabilities who have used the car several times to transport themselves and their wheelchairs.

5 Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester is one wheelchair-accessible vehicle you can always count on for transferring wheelchairs and moving people with disabilities.

The car comes with enough space on the inside to accommodate wheelchairs of all sizes. The inside can also be configured to look exactly the way you want with little touches to the seats.

6 Honda Odyssey

So many things have been said about the features that should be found in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, Honda Odyssey is not lacking in any of them.

The automobile was built to be able to accommodate wheelchairs of any size. It comes with sliding side doors that are big enough to allow you to get into the car with ease. The low-height floor is also a major reason you should give this car a thought.

If you need more space, the interiors can also be modified to be exactly the way you want. Talk about big and sturdy, and Honda Odyssey comes to mind. Since its release, the car has received so many great reviews from people who have used It to convey people with disabilities alongside their wheelchairs.

7 Toyota Sienna

The 2015/2016 Toyota Sienna is another wheelchair-friendly vehicle that is worth buying. Apart from just the beautiful design, the vehicle comes with enough space on the inside that can accommodate wheelchairs of all sizes.

The seats can be easily rotated and lowered to a height that you feel is more comfortable for you to board the vehicle.

It also comes with big doors to allow you to seamlessly get in and out of the car.

8 Scion xB

The 2008 to 2015 models of Scion xB are definitely top picks when it comes to selecting cars for carrying wheelchairs.

The vehicles’ rear seats can be folded to create more space and allow wheelchairs to be easily placed inside the car.

You’ll find any model of this car useful and wheelchair-friendly.

Wrap Up

These are just some of the vehicles out there you can buy for carrying wheelchairs and people with disabilities.

I’ve discussed the best cars for carrying wheelchairs that money can buy. Truly speaking, buying any of the vehicles that made it to this list will give you great value for your money. I hope you find the wheelchair-friendly cars listed here useful.

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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle: Best Cars for Carrying Wheelchairs


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