Best Disabled Cabins on Cruise Ships

disabled cabins on cruise ships

If you’re on this page looking for cruise ships with the best facilities for people with disabilities, continue reading.

Generally, cruise ships have improved their services to include facilities that will help people with disabilities enjoy their stay on the ship.

While this is mostly true for new cruise liners, many old liners that have undergone one form of renovation or the other now boast of some of the best facilities that will make your vacation more fun and hassle-free.

In this article, I’ve selected some of the top disabled cabins on cruise ships that offer top-notch facilities and allow people with disabilities to enjoy themselves.

Whether you’re looking for a wheelchair-accessible cruise liner or one with extra features like bathroom and bedroom aids, these options are sure to give you the comfort and peace you need while on your vacation.

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Best Cruises for Disabled People

Azamara Accessible Cabin

Azamara accessible staterooms come with just the right facilities for individuals with any form of disability including those that are wheelchair-bound and require a lot of space.

The doors of the rooms are wide enough for easy entry and you’ll find facilities like bathroom aids and bedroom aids in the cabin.

For people with disabilities who require reasonable assistance, Amazara has just the right staff to handle their needs.

Azamara services aren’t only for those with mobility issues but also for those with visual disabilities. Their cabins are designed to incorporate Braille wherever possible and they also have crew and staff ready to provide reasonable assistance at any time.

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Cunard is a shipping line company and one of the leading cruise lines in terms of hospitality and customer service.

For passengers wishing to see the world on their cruise ship, Cunard offers three Vista-class cruise liners: Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, and a transatlantic ocean liner, Queen Mary 2.

Although Cunard is one of the oldest shipping companies still in operation, its latest cruise liners come with standard facilities for people with disabilities.

Their staterooms come with accessibility features like wide access doors that allow for easy passage of people with wheelchairs. Their bathrooms are also equipped with aids in all areas to allow for a hassle-free vacation.

Accessible Stateroom Features:

  • Roll-in shower with handrails and pull-down shower seats
  • Toilets have grab rails on both sides
  • Wet room style shower rooms
  • Non-slip floor

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International owns some of the world’s largest cruise ships and for disabled passengers, this means a lot of space to get around with a wheelchair or a mobility aid.

On their ships, you can get staterooms specifically designed for guests with mobility issues and other disabilities.

These staterooms are equipped with several useful facilities like a five-foot turning radius in bathrooms, sleeping areas, and sitting areas for easy movement and maneuverability.

They’re also designed with spacious corridors that accommodate 180-degree turns for wheelchairs and decks with automatic doors for easy access.

The shipping line company offers various services like sign language interpreting, provision of special needs equipment or services, and assistance for individuals traveling with a group of passengers with disabilities.

Princess Cruise

On Princess Cruise, guests with limited mobility get the best accessibility features they would ever need.

Ever since it launched its access program in 1992, the company has continuously improved its options for people with mobility disabilities and other forms of disabilities.

Their accessible cabins have spacious rooms with full-wheelchair-turning space and several other facilities like roll-in showers, ramped-threshold bathroom doors, fold-down shower seats, and handheld showerheads that you can find on many other high-end cruise ships

The company also provides an assistance team to guests with wheelchairs to help with embarkation and debarkation.

Other facilities like wheelchair seating at dining and bar venues, accessible public restrooms, and refrigerators are also made available to all guests in their accessible staterooms.

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Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line has a great track record with special needs passengers and it seems things have gotten even better with their new cruise ship, Norwegian Bliss.

The cruise ship, which has a 4002-passenger capacity, comes with 42 accessible staterooms with the best of facilities to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. The doors of the staterooms and bathrooms are wide enough to allow for wheelchair accessibility and maneuverability.

The bathrooms feature grab bars, handheld showerhead, roll-in showers, and high toilets with collapsible arm guards to provide support and ease the transfer process.

Other facilities like spacious gangways, corridors, and accessible restrooms are widely available on the ship.

Carnival Horizon

Carnival is well known for offering exceptional services to individuals with disabilities; its latest cruise ship, Carnival Horizon, provides the best of services and facilities for individuals with mobility disabilities and other forms of disabilities.

The ship features 65 accessible staterooms with several accessibility options for different forms of disability. The staterooms are designed specifically for individuals who require a wheelchair for mobility.

They feature wide doors with no doorsill, fold-down benches, ramped bathroom thresholds, roll-in showers, and additional turning space.

Other facilities like tall toilets, accessible balconies, and lowered closet rods are only available for select staterooms.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is another shipping company that provides impressive accessibility facilities for individuals with disabilities.  

In all its cruise ships with accessible staterooms, guests can expect to find extra wide automatic doors that allow for wheelchair access, grab bars, lowered sink, and stateroom vanity.

Other accessibility features like open bed frames, lowered closet rods, lowered safe, and accessible balconies are only available in select cabins.

In addition, their bathrooms provide accessibility features like roll-in showers, grab bars, ramped thresholds, and higher toilets to allow for easy transfer.  

Walkways and public areas on their ships are designed with Braille/tactile signage and they’re spacious enough to allow for easy wheelchair movements.

Celebrity Cruises also offers additional hospitality services like boarding and departure assistance to guests with mobility disabilities and mobility assistance for guests onboard.

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Best Disabled Cabins on Cruise Ships


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