What is a Mobility Hearing Accessible Room? (Answered)

What if you could make your guest room comfortable and a safe space for guests with hearing impairments? Yes, that’s the mobility hearing accessible room you’ve heard everyone talking about. In fact, hotels, inns, and lodges are leveraging assistive technology to improve their hospitality services to disabled persons. And yes, you shouldn’t be left behind. […]

How to Easily Change a Diaper in a Wheelchair (Complete Guide)

Wearing a diaper may become necessary for disabled children, adults, persons with temporary limbs restrictions, or older persons using a wheelchair. As you grow older and begin to experience restricted use of your limbs, your body might become heavier due to a lack of movement to aid blood flow. Hence, it becomes difficult to do […]

How to Easily Make Your Crutches More Comfortable (DIY Guide)

If you are afraid you will never be the same again when you start using your crutches, this article is for you. I know the feeling of walking around town in crutches with a plain-looking appearance. What about the stress of clutching the mobility device in your armpits all day? Yes, it really could be […]

13 Most Common Reasons for Wheelchair Use

There are several reasons for wheelchair use, and some of the reasons aren’t because patients can’t walk. There are individuals who have lost the abilitity to use their limbs or lost their limbs and require a wheelchair for movement. And there are others with invisible illnesses that make moving by themselves extremely painful. Using a […]

Steps and Techniques of Properly Securing a Mobility Device

Are you in the process of buying a mobility device for your disability compensation? Or your doctor has probably recommended one for you because of your walking disorder? I know you need as much information as possible on the best ways to use your mobility device. No worries. It’s important that you understand every process […]

Group 2 vs. Group 3 Power Wheelchair: Here’s the Right One to Choose

Are you faced with the tough decision of choosing between a group 2 and a group 3 power wheelchair? Let me guess. You’ve been searching around town for a power wheelchair that allows move around and exercise your limbs. No pressure there! This article covers everything you should know about group 2 and group 3 […]

Hemi Height Wheelchair vs. Standard Wheelchair: Here’s the Right One to Choose

A wheelchair is a mobility device operated either manually or power-driven. It is produced mainly for individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities. One can utilize it for both indoor and outdoor movements. Many things should be taken into cognizance when choosing a wheelchair, including the wheelchair’s durability and comfort, accessibility, height, and weight of the […]

Best Disability Products for Seniors

It is natural that mobility becomes limited as we grow older. The strenuous activities we used to carry out effectively when we were younger, become almost impossible. This situation is even more critical for the disabled. And this is why disability products for seniors are highly recommended. These products take away burdens and allow things […]

Top 8 Good Activities for Elderly that Have Limited Mobility

Growth is one aspect of our lives that we can’t prevent from happening. As humans, it gets to a point when growth decreases our physical activities. The sports and games we play or the energy we put into our jobs will reduce, either due to the weakness that comes with old age or certain health […]

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