Best Online Stores to Buy Clothes for Disabled Child

clothes for disabled child

Are you searching for the best clothes for a disabled child? Would you love to know the best places to get top-quality adaptive clothing for kids?

I’ve outlined them here.

In this guide, I’ll show you the best brands that produce and sell adaptive clothing for people with special needs. These are places you can buy clothes that will comfortably fit your disabled child.

This list features a whole lot of stores, so you can easily access any of them and find something suitable for the child, regardless of the kind of disability he or she is having.

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Best Places to Get Adaptive Clothes for Disabled Child

Here are the most recommended places to get clothes for children who are having one disability or the other.

1 Target

Target corporation is one of the best brands to get professionally designed clothes for children with special needs. You can find both male and female clothing your kids will love on their online platform.

2 Adaptawear

Do you need shorts or trousers your kids wouldn’t have a challenge putting on or off? How about nice dresses, skirts, and shirts for a physically-challenged child?

Adaptawear is the place to get them. Go through their site to find something suitable for your kid.

3 Tommy Adaptive

Tommy Adaptive is the fashion line of Tommy Hilfiger (USA) that produces and sells specially designed clothes for the disabled. Their materials help parents of the disabled to find something suitable for their kids.

Tommy Adaptive produces both male and female clothes, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right wears for your child in terms of gender.

According to several feedbacks from users on their website, their clothes are truly designed with kids with special needs in mind. Feel free to check out their website for more details.

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4 Adaptive Clothing Showroom

This is where to find adaptive clothing for people of all ages with limited mobility and other types of physical challenges. The kind of clothes you will find here include garments with closures at the back instead of the front, clothes that are diaper friendly, and those made with special fabrics. Many buyers have found their clothes very comfortable for their kids and even for themselves too.

5 Zappos

Zappos is one of the best places to find beautiful clothes specially designed for disabled babies and kids. On Zappos, you can find clothes from several adaptive clothes manufacturers around the world. You can get branded shoes or jeans from Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and the likes.

Zappos even offer shipping and 365-day returns on certain kid’s clothing. Check out the website and place your order when you’ve found what you feel is a good fit.

6 Able2Wear

Able2Wear is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality adaptive clothing for the disabled. They have a range of clothes that are specially made for children with disabilities. You can find clothes meant for both boys and girls there.

Able2Wear has gained a strong reputation over the years that many consider them the biggest place to get adaptive clothing in the UK. Check out the clothes they have for the disabled kids and see what suits your needs.

7 Rackety’s

Rackety’s, like the above-mentioned brand, is one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of adaptive clothing for the disabled.

On Rackety’s, you can find easy-to-wear clothes for kids of all ages. According to different customer reviews, Rackety’s is closing the gap between regular clothing and the needs of people living with disabilities — regardless of the kind of disabilities they are living with.

So, if you are in need of the perfect kind of clothes for your kids, Rackety’s might just be the right place for you to find it.

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8 Easy Access Clothing

Easy Access Clothing provides a range of specially designed clothing for disabled children. You can find on this amazing store all types of children’s wear from jumpsuits to interlock knit pants, fleece pants, cargo shorts, pocket jeans, casual pants, and sleeveless bodysuit.

Take a look around the website and see what they got to offer you and, of course, your child.

9 KinderKey

Here, you’ll find clothing for disabled children. You’ll find clothing for children who use wheelchairs, underwear, swimwear, wheelchair gloves, bibs, and aprons. They even have special clothing for children with sensitive skin.

Explore the website and see if you can find what you’d love your child to wear.

10 Special Kids Company is where to find a range of top quality adaptive clothing for your disabled child.

As long as your child is within the age of 2 to 16 years, you’ll find something suitable for him on this platform.

Here, you’ll get to see different types of adaptive bodysuits, swimwears, aprons and bibs, socks, and accessories designed specifically for disabled kids.

11 Adaptive Clothes

Adaptive Clothes as a brand understands that special needs children require clothes with additional support. Their garments are made from materials that will give your child enough comfort.

A look through their online platform reveals some of the most beautiful clothes you will ever find out there for disabled children. They include long sleeves and sleeveless bodysuits for kids, shorts, and swimsuits.

They majorly specialize in the sales of clothes for seniors and people with disabilities.

Wrap Up

Getting the right kind of clothes for a disabled child can be quite challenging for most families. This article features the best places to easily get clothes for a child with disabilities. Feel free to check them out at any time you have the need. You will be able to place your hand on one or two materials that your kid will love.

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Best Online Stores to Buy Clothes for Disabled Child


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