How to Tell If Someone with ADHD Likes You

how to tell if someone with adhd likes you

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, which is commonly known as ADHD or ADD, is a neurodevelopmental disorder or mental condition that affects both children and adults.

People who suffer from ADHD tend to exhibit some traits that might restrict them from interacting or maintaining a steady relationship with others.

And this might become worse as they grow older if adequate care and treatment are not taken.

If a person with ADHD eventually gets into a relationship or meets you for the first time, it’s often quite difficult or challenging to know if they really like you or not.

This is due to the various behavioral patterns they exhibit because of the nature of their disorder.

Therefore, if you’re in a relationship with someone who’s suffering from ADHD and would like to know whether they like you or not, this article is the perfect guide you need.

You’ll get to learn some symptoms or behavioral patterns an ADHDer exhibits and how you can determine if they genuinely like you or just faking it.

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Symptoms or Behavioral Patterns a Person with ADHD Exhibits

It is crucial to note that ADHD is a lifelong condition that has no cure.

However, a person suffering from this disorder can still maintain a healthy and loving relationship or marriage, irrespective of their condition.

They just have to ensure that they take the appropriate treatment and attend therapy regularly. Things will only get better if they have a partner who understands them and their disorder. And such a partner should be ready to adequately support them throughout the whole journey.

Below are some traits to expect from them.

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Mood swing

A person with ADHD experiences mood swings intermittently. They can be all happy and fun to be with right now and suddenly become moody and withdrawn a few minutes later.

Lack of concentration

Restlessness and lack of concentration are other symptoms an ADHDer exhibits.

That’s why they might hardly pay attention to you at some point when you’re conversing.

Sometimes, their minds move from one thing to another in the middle of a conversation that they might even forget about you at that moment.

Low frustration tolerance

signs someone with adhd likes you

When a person with ADHD is frustrated, they are quite difficult to deal with. They may exhibit emotional outbursts that you may find so uncool.


Tiredness and sleeplessness are traits that you might also find in an ADHDer.

There are situations where they hardly get enough sleep and be up all night. This can result in fatigue or tiredness, which results in being unmotivated to do anything.


A person with ADHD might be hasty and lack patience when they want to perform certain activities or when they want something to be done for them.


This is one of the commonest symptoms that an ADHDer exhibits. They are often forgetful and don’t remember the promise they made to you some time ago or other major events.

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Disorganized and unmotivated

Don’t be too surprised when you find the room or house of a person with ADHD looking cluttered and disorganized; this is one of their symptoms.

Most people with ADHD might find it hard to do certain house chores or generally keep things tidy.

8 Signs that Someone with ADHD Likes You

how to tell if someone with adhd likes you

1. They show interest in you

This is particularly important if you’re just meeting them for the first time. You can tell that they like you if they are curious to know you.

Some people with ADHD can be quite inquisitive too.

So, don’t be offended when you find out that they’re asking you many questions during the process of getting to know you.

Sometimes, their show of interest in you is a way of knowing if you both have things in common and if they can build a lasting relationship with you.

2. They support you

An ADHDer can be very supportive in many situations. They are also sensitive and can be of great support whenever you need them.

3. They encourage you

Apart from being supportive, you can tell that a person with ADHD truly likes you if they encourage you in many ways.

4. They listen and do thoughtful things for you

Even though they’re not the best listener and their minds wander about during a serious conversation, they can be quite attentive when you really need them to.

And if they go all the way out to do thoughtful things for you, rest assured that they like you for real.

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5. Their words don’t come out quite right when they talk to you

This is particularly common when they are just meeting you for the first time. The nervousness might make them stutter when they speak.

This is because they like you and would want to choose their words carefully by making sure that they say the right words to you and make you not lose interest in them.

6. They’ll tell you when they are anxious

If you’re just meeting them for the first time, you might see them fidget and develop sweaty palms. This is as a result of their likeness for you.

Some might be honest to admit to you that they are anxious or nervous.

7. They regularly visit an ADHD counselor or coach to get better

You can tell that a person with ADHD likes you if they go for therapy and take their medications regularly after you might have told them to do so.

Many people with ADHD hardly take therapy and/or medication seriously.

But if you tell them to do it and they complied, know that they really like you and will do anything to get better to maintain a steady relationship with you.

8. They tell you that they like you

This is another easy and direct way to know that a person with ADHD likes you.

If they verbally tell you that they like you even when you didn’t ask them, believe that they do.

This is important because most people with ADHD hardly express their feelings or intentions except to people they have an interest in or really like.

How to Tell If Someone with ADHD Likes You


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