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Who Can Park in Handicapped Spaces? (Answered)

It is rare to find parking lots without a reserved area for people with disabilities to park their vehicles. These spots are easily identified by a white symbol drawing of a wheelchair on a blue metal board erected in front of the reserved space. The symbols are found at grocery stores, event centers, schools, hospitals,[…]

Best Disabled Cabins on Cruise Ships

If you’re on this page looking for cruise ships with the best facilities for people with disabilities, continue reading. Generally, cruise ships have improved their services to include facilities that will help people with disabilities enjoy their stay on the ship. While this is mostly true for new cruise liners, many old liners that have[…]

How to Successfully Get Custody of a Special Needs Child

The processes involved in getting custody of a child are complicated. It is even more challenging if the child in question is a special needs kid. Several factors can trigger the arrangements for child custody. Some cases may include divorce, the demise of parents, or a case of mismanaged behaviors of an adult in whose[…]

Can You Be a Police Officer with ADHD? (Answered)

Living with ADHD could be challenging for a lot of people.  ADHD is an acronym for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  It is a common mental disorder or neurodevelopmental disorder. In people with ADHD, the part of the brain involved in the organization, concentration, and execution of tasks works in a different way compared with neurotypical people. […]

Can a Blind Person Be a Doctor? (Answered)

The medical profession is a delicate and prestigious one. It houses many fields like podiatry, gynecology, chiropractics, and psychiatry. Doctors are certified professionals who are responsible for diagnosing and treating patients with diverse ailments. As a result of this, they’re expected to be fit and sound in all ramifications since they’ll be dealing with saving[…]

Can You Be a Pilot If You Are Color Blind? (Answered)

The aviation industry is one that’s filled with many professionals who help to facilitate the transportation of people and goods from one destination to another. One of the most important professionals in this industry is the pilot. Without the pilot and his expertise, transportation by air will be impossible. The pilot is responsible for flying[…]

Top 10 Amputee Motivational Speakers for Inspiration

Motivational or inspirational speakers are persons who give speeches aimed at encouraging and boosting the morale and self-confidence of their listeners. Most motivational speakers center their speeches on their personal life stories, narrating episodes of their experiences that their audience can relate to. These experiences are often those of challenges that they, the speakers, have[…]

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