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Can You Work as a Caregiver with a Felony? (Answered)

Nowadays, taking a job as a caregiver seems to be the easiest alternative for people with no formal qualifications but who possess the necessary skills. There are many agencies, families, care homes, and individuals looking for reliable and honest caregivers. The most interesting part about being a caregiver is that you don’t need any professional[…]

How to Be a Good Caregiver to a Little (Ultimate Guide)

Little ones are cute, adorable, and fun to play with most of the time. Taking care of them, however, is a different scenario entirely, because it is not always as easy as it might seem. As a caregiver, you need to understand that every child is not the same. They differ in their attitude, actions,[…]

7 Easy Ways to Deal with a Difficult Client as a Caregiver

Difficult clients are part and parcel of the caregiving business. Sometimes, they may be unhappy with the service you provide. They become overly stubborn and difficult when they feel you should be doing a better job for the money they are paying. And sometimes you get to meet those with expectations way out of reality.[…]

10 Best Therapists for Parents of Special Needs Child

Raising a child is one of the most challenging enterprises one can embark on. Many parents find that they stretch themselves to the limits in attempting to cater to their children’s emotional, psychological, and other needs. In the case of special needs children such as kids with autism and other medical conditions, the task of[…]

Can a Caregiver Have a CPL? (Answered)

Concealed Pistol License (CPL) has many benefits including making you aware of your surroundings and helping minorities and women who cannot always rely on police protection. It helps to keep individuals and the public safe while reducing the rate of crime. And because we are in a world with increasing crime rates, it is better[…]

I Broke My Leg. Can I Get Short-Term Disability? (Solved)

Dealing with a broken leg can be a discomfort. A bone fracture in the leg is very painful and could cause restrictions.  It is difficult to walk with a broken leg and even do essential things. Working with a leg fracture can be nearly impossible.  You will most likely need help to move around. Getting aid[…]

Can You Get Temporary Disability for Rotator Cuff Surgery? (Answered)

The group of tendons and muscles located in your shoulder is known as the rotator cuff. Your rotator cuff performs many functions. Two of its major functions are helping to keep your shoulder joint in its right place and helping you to rotate and lift your arm when you engage in different activities. Sometimes, the[…]

What Happens If You Hit a Disabled Person? (Answered)

Have you ever found yourself entangled with a disabled person, resulting in an assault? And you freeze in your track when the reality dawns on you? No worries. I know the feeling. You’re human, and sometimes, your emotions can take the upper hand. Hitting a disabled person can be dangerous because laws protect disabled persons.[…]

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