Services for the Handicapped

Does Having a Medical Card Affect Your Social Security Benefits? (Answered)

So you want to know if having a medical card can affect your social security benefits? You’re at the right place. This article will cover everything you need to know about using a medical card with social security insurance. But first, I must mention what a medical card is and the benefits of having one.[…]

Can a Disabled Veteran be Recalled to Active Duty? (Answered)

Remember the excitement in the air when you were called to serve your country as military personnel? The basic training, the benefits, and all made butterflies in your bellies, and you never imagined or thought you would become disabled. Of course, nobody would, and it’s no fault of yours that you’ve moved from being an[…]

How Permanently Disabled Drivers Can Compensate for Their Disabilities

People with disabilities find it difficult to benefit from the privilege of owning and driving a car, owing to the barrier with their hands, legs, or limbs. But here’s a small catch. Permanently disabled drivers can compensate for their disabilities using adapted vehicles. Sounds great, right? Let’s take a closer look at what disabilities can[…]

Will I Lose My Disability Benefits If I Go to Drug Rehab? (Answered)

Disability is usually classified as any form of physical, emotional, or mental hindrance that causes you not to be able to perform effectively and spans the duration of at least 12 months or more. If your disability meets this criterion, then you are qualified to receive disability benefits, which are termed Social Security Disability Insurance[…]

Top 4 Services Available to Handicapped Persons

There are numerous programs and services available to handicapped persons. The majority of these programs and services are from government agencies while others are from several reputable non-governmental organizations around the world as you will see in this article. Living with a disability does not in any way mean that you should go through life[…]

How to Start a Social Security Disability Law Practice

The legal profession has different areas of specialization that anyone who is interested in becoming a lawyer or attorney can venture into. One of those areas of specialization is social security disability law. Lawyers who specialize in this type of law help people of a certain age, disability, or condition get the financial benefits they[…]

What the Rehabilitation Benefit Covers in a Disability Income Policy

Life can get in the way of your work energy and make it difficult to pay your bills and fund various aspects of your life. The unexpected can happen to anyone, probably a fatal accident resulting in disabilities, which make working impossible. But that does not have to be you. There’s a way to continue[…]

10 Best Dentists for Handicapped

There are many reasons why governmental bodies and NGOs recommend special needs dental clinics for people with disabilities. One of the reasons is that special needs dentistry appointments will take more time than regular ones. That’s not all.  People with disabilities may also be overanxious and need extra assurance during a dentist appointment. Unfortunately, not[…]

Homes for People with Disabilities: Everything You Should Know

People with disabilities face a lot of challenges that are quite difficult to understand by normal people. They face challenges ranging from using the staircase to using the computer and other day-to-day activities. Some require minimal attention and are able to live independently with aids while others require extra attention and can’t be independent even[…]

How to Become Power of Attorney for a Disabled Person

Do you have a burning desire to defend and act on behalf of disabled persons? Then, you can become a power of attorney for a disabled person. I’ll walk you through the whole process in this article.   A study shows that over 90% of disabled persons experience abuse in their lives, and 26% experience[…]

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