Disability Guide and Information

How to Oil Your Wheelchair Effectively

The regular maintenance of your wheelchair will help prevent rust and ensure the smooth running of the moving parts. Wheelchairs manufacturers advise that you use lubricant spray to lubricate the moving parts, including the axles because increased friction between moving parts can lead to rapid wear and tear. They also advise that you oil your[…]

How to Use the Pedal Exercise Equipment for Seniors in a Wheelchair

The pedal exercise equipment is an innovative piece of machine that pedals the user’s limb and requires no full-body involvement in pedaling. The user only has to move their limbs while the rest of the body is stationary. They, however, have to maintain a sitting position when using the equipment. Who Is It Meant For?[…]

How Disability Insurance Investigators Investigate (Explained)

Disability insurance is quite tricky to navigate. This is because disability could either be short-term or long-term. Both carry considerable expenses but the long-term disability claim can be pretty staggering for insurance companies. This is especially true when the claim is fraudulent, curated to milk the insurance company dry. The cost of investigating a disability[…]

How to Change a Wheelchair Tire Like a Pro

There are two main types of wheelchair tires; solid and pneumatic tires. Solid tires rarely need changing, but you want to be sure that you know how to change them should the need ever arise. Pneumatic tires have air in them, tend to flatten when punctured, and soften even without a puncture. This makes them[…]

How to Carry Things in a Wheelchair Conveniently

The type of wheelchair you use depends on the type and manner of injury or disability you have. The more restrictions you have with your body movements the higher your chances of using an electric wheelchair. And the lesser the restriction you have with your body movements the higher your chances of using a manual[…]

How Many Hours Can You Work on a Disability Living Allowance? (Answered)

Working while having a disability can have so many negative effects on your health. To reduce the stress you’ll have to face to pay your bills and cater for your medications, you’ll be entitled to a disability living allowance. You’d be entitled to this allowance if you continue to meet up with the disability qualifications[…]

How to Transfer a Senior from Wheelchair to Bed Safely

Becoming dependent on others is almost an unavoidable condition of old age. As an elderly, certain actions become restricted for you to perform alone. Actions like walking or moving about, getting in and out of bed, and dressing up. You’ll certainly require a caregiver’s assistance in lifting you from surfaces. As a caregiver, there are[…]

How to Get a Wheelchair Van Donated to You for Free

Disabilities can arise as a result of defects in genetics, infection, drugs (or medications), exposure to radiation, or accidents. Accidents are likely to occur and no one can predict the severity of injuries or even the damage they can cause. Once you’re in this situation, you’re forced to adapt to the changes that have taken[…]

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