How to Apply for Temporary 100% VA Disability

It’s a privilege and honor to serve your country as a military officer. But things may turn bad and you may suffer some injuries in the course of your duty. An incident like this cannot be avoided. This is why the government, through the Department of Veteran Affairs, has put up programs to see to[…]

Can a Disabled Person Get a Gun Permit? (Answered)

Disabled persons are profoundly vulnerable to harm as they’re disadvantaged in protecting themselves. Studies show they suffer violent victimization at a rate of 295 per 1000 people, 2.5 times more than those without disabilities. In addition, disabled people are 3 times more likely to become victims of violent crimes such as robbery, rape, sexual violence,[…]

How to Fill Out Voluntary Self Identification of Disability

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires that federal contractors invite potential employees to self-identify their disability on the application. The form must be filled out annually by new hires and applicants for federal contracts and completed by the employee if they wish to remain employed by the contractor. The disclosure is voluntary and the[…]

How to Make a Cup Holder for a Wheelchair (DIY)

As a wheelchair user, staying hydrated cannot be overemphasized because it helps with the easy movements of the rest of your body that aren’t restricted. A cup holder is, therefore, a useful accessory that helps you carry your cup or bottle wherever you go and prevents you from getting dehydrated. Dehydration contributes to the root[…]

Here’s How Much to Tip Wheelchair Assistance at the Airport

The law requires that airports make accommodations for people with disabilities. Most airlines provide wheelchair attendants/assistants for disabled passengers. Although the rules and regulations are different in some countries, most major airlines provide this service at no extra cost. The job of a wheelchair attendant varies but the primary responsibilities are similar in all locations.[…]

How to Remove a Wheelchair Lift from a Van

A wheelchair lift is a mechanical platform used to raise or lower a wheelchair into and out of the van. It is mostly used to conveniently transport power wheelchairs since most types are not foldable like the manual wheelchair. It can also function as a lift to transfer other heavy equipment into your vehicle without[…]

How to Oil Your Wheelchair Effectively

The regular maintenance of your wheelchair will help prevent rust and ensure the smooth running of the moving parts. Wheelchairs manufacturers advise that you use lubricant spray to lubricate the moving parts, including the axles because increased friction between moving parts can lead to rapid wear and tear. They also advise that you oil your[…]

How to Protect Walls from Wheelchair Damage

Using a wheelchair comes with its own downsides; this includes damage to your walls when navigating or having a turn. Sometimes, your walls may be too small for you to make a turn with a wheelchair, thereby causing you to bump into them or hurt the aesthetics. But this does not have to be you.[…]

How Disability Insurance Investigators Investigate (Explained)

Disability insurance is quite tricky to navigate. This is because disability could either be short-term or long-term. Both carry considerable expenses but the long-term disability claim can be pretty staggering for insurance companies. This is especially true when the claim is fraudulent, curated to milk the insurance company dry. The cost of investigating a disability[…]

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