Disability Guide and Information

14 Most Common Reasons for Wheelchair Use

There are several reasons for wheelchair use, and some of the reasons aren’t because patients can’t walk. There are individuals who have lost the ability to use their limbs or lost their limbs and require a wheelchair for movement. And there are others with invisible illnesses that make moving by themselves extremely painful. Using a[…]

How an Amputee Takes a Shower (Ultimate Guide)

Being an amputee is an entirely new life experience that you should adapt to. The activities you normally do before the amputation can now become taxing and quite arduous to do because of your condition. An example of such an activity is bathing or taking a shower. Whether you’re a unilateral or bilateral amputee, the[…]

How to Ask About Disability in a Survey

A survey is defined as an investigation carried out to determine the opinions or experiences of a person/persons. It can be physical or online. Disability is any illness or impairment of the body or mind of a person that prevents or hinders them from engaging in certain activities or relating with people. The process of[…]

How to Get a Wheelchair Bound Person into a Car (Guide+Video)

Moving a wheelchair-bound person into a car would require some important set of skills, especially if you don’t own a handicapped vehicle. Handicap vehicles make things easier by allowing you to not only move the person but also the wheelchair into the vehicle. But with a normal car, there are several steps and precautions you[…]

How to Get a Wheelchair Up and Down Stairs (Complete Guide)

Propelling forward with a standard wheelchair is a lot of weight, not to mention going up and down the stairs with it. The stairs movement is a feeling every wheelchair user dread since it requires a special approach to navigate smoothly. The simple truth is that getting a wheelchair up and downstairs is a lot[…]

How far can an Electric Wheelchair Go? (Answered)

Electric wheelchairs can be tagged as a lifesaver for people with mobility challenges who don’t have people around to constantly support them. The wheelchair gives them the freedom to move around without the assistance of anyone. Since this wheelchair works with electricity, there should be a limit to the distance it can cover when it[…]

How to Transport a Power Wheelchair (Complete Guide)

Injuries and disabilities vary, so the most basic things to take note of when choosing a wheelchair for the disabled are the features, the functions, and the fitness. A wheelchair can also be specifically tailored for the disabled. Let’s see how the power wheelchair functions. A power wheelchair is a wheelchair that is operated electronically.[…]

How to Clean & Disinfect Your Wheelchair Like a Pro

It’s important to keep your wheelchair clean, no matter your disabled condition. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting your wheelchair prevents illness and further complications to your condition. There are different types of wheelchairs, and each one determines the manner of cleaning you will apply to them. Generally, you will need a soft sponge or soft cloth/cotton[…]

How to Use Transfer Board from Wheelchair to Toilet

Going to the restroom is one of the most strenuous chores, which can result in frustration for the disabled individual. However, the disabled who still have full or intermediate use of the limbs can reduce this stress with a transfer board – which might seem complex to use initially. Using a transfer board requires a[…]

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