How to Apply for Temporary 100% VA Disability

how to apply for temporary 100% va disability

It’s a privilege and honor to serve your country as a military officer.

But things may turn bad and you may suffer some injuries in the course of your duty.

An incident like this cannot be avoided. This is why the government, through the Department of Veteran Affairs, has put up programs to see to the total welfare of military officers.

Compensations for a 100% VA disability are usually given to military officers who have become completely disabled while serving in the military.

However, you can receive such compensations temporally if you meet some conditions.

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Criteria to Become Eligible for Temporary 100% VA Disability

1) Extended Stay at the Hospital

Some injuries you might have gotten when discharging your duty can be severe and may cause you to spend a long time receiving medical attention in a hospital.

You will become eligible to apply for a temporal 100% VA disability compensation if you’ve spent at least 21 consecutive days at the hospital receiving treatment.

The Department of Veteran Affairs doesn’t put a stringent condition on the medical facility you must be receiving your treatment for your eligibility to be considered. It could be at a VA hospital or any other hospital approved by the department.

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2) Extended Period of Recovery

The period of recovery from a surgery or injury may take up to a month. The Department of Veteran Affairs allows you to apply for a temporary 100% VA disability compensation in such cases.

This compensation is usually valid for 3 months but may extend to 3 extra months if it’s a case of severe injury. The hospital where you had the surgery or where you were treated doesn’t have to be a VA facility. Any hospital approved by the department is accepted.

3) Discharge from Service with Injury

You can be eligible to apply for a 100% VA disability benefit if you get discharged from service as a result of some injuries, and you won’t be able to get a job anytime soon due to your condition.

Steps to Apply for a Temporary 100% VA Disability

how to apply for va temporary disability

1) Send Your Application

Applying for a 100% disability benefit is a simple process.

Visit the official website of the Department of Veteran Affairs and send your application. Other alternatives include visiting its regional office closest to you and having a representative guide you in the process. You can also use the services of a legal representative.

You must get all the documents needed for the exercise ready before you begin the application process. Some of the required documents include proof of disability that resulted from carrying out your duty, medical records, duration of hospitalization, doctor’s report, and a letter stating why you should be awarded such a benefit.

In the course of your application, you’ll be required to submit your social security number or your VA service number. Endeavor to give out as much information that will help you win the benefit.

Having your treatments or surgery in a VA facility will make the process easier. You only need to provide some basic information and the officials handling your application will obtain your information from the facility.

It’s advisable to seek professional assistance if you’re finding it difficult to begin the process.

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2) Undergo Medical Reexamination

The Department of Veteran Affairs may provide a physician to reexamine you and confirm the claims in your application. Other tests may also be carried out to determine if your present disability has stopped you from earning a living.

This reexamination is free and at the expense of the department.

Results from the examination will then be forwarded to the regional office where you’re undergoing your application.

3) Wait for a Review

Officials of the department will begin to review your application after medical assessments must have been concluded. This stage is on a first-come-first-serve basis, and as such, your application will receive attention when it’s your turn.

The period of waiting for your review can take up to four months. The duration can be affected by the time taken to verify your claims in your application.

After a careful review of your application, the rating representative assigned to your file will decide to either grant your application or refuse it. Whichever way, you will receive an explanation for any decision the representative makes about your case.

A successful application comes with a letter that will explicitly state what your monthly benefit will be and the date you will be due to start receiving it. Your payment should start immediately after you’ve received your confirmation letter.

4) Appeal the Decision

how to apply for temporary 100% va disability

The Department of Veteran Affairs allows applicants to appeal decisions that may seem unfair. It may be that you’ve been completely denied to get such a benefit. It could also be that you feel that your benefit isn’t up to what it should be.

However, if you feel you are being paid less, do your findings and ensure that the amount approved for your monthly benefit is the maximum you should get for your disability. Also, ensure that you filed your application correctly if you’re appealing for being denied the right to this kind of benefit.

You can always include other strong proof of your disability and request for your claim to be reopened. You can thereafter be considered to get approval.

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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Temporary 100% VA Disability

It can be frustrating when you’re being denied the benefits of a temporary 100% VA disability. You can put more effort into your application process to increase your chances of getting approval.

1) Do Your Research

Consult previous benefactors or veteran service officers to guide you when you’re filling out your application. Errors in submitting documents may suggest that you’re trying to be fraudulent, and this may rob you of getting approval.

2) Don’t Miss Out on Deadlines

You may be required to send some additional documents or clarify some information in the process of your application. You must respond to such requests as quickly as possible.

3) Fill the Correct Forms

There are different forms for different purposes. The form for appealing a denied case is different from the one meant for filing a new case. Also, there are separate forms for other types of VA benefits. Ensure that you fill the right one.

4) File for Appropriate Cases

Before you begin to invest your time and resources in filing for a case, ensure that your case truly meets the stated criteria for a temporary 100% VA disability. Most importantly, ensure that your disability is service-connected and you have proof to back up your claim.

How to Apply for Temporary 100% VA Disability


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