Can a Disabled Person Get a Gun Permit? (Answered)

can a disabled person get a gun permit

Disabled persons are profoundly vulnerable to harm as they’re disadvantaged in protecting themselves.

Studies show they suffer violent victimization at a rate of 295 per 1000 people, 2.5 times more than those without disabilities.

In addition, disabled people are 3 times more likely to become victims of violent crimes such as robbery, rape, sexual violence, and intensified assault than non-disabled.

Before the question in consideration is answered, let’s explore the prerequisites of getting a gun permit first.

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Rudiments to Getting a Gun Permit

Depending on your type of disability- physical, visual, hearing, intellectual/learning, you can avoid assault with the following measures.

Trying your possible best not to be a target. You can achieve this by:

  • avoiding being alone
  • traveling during the day
  • making use of props
  • hiding their valuables
  • carrying a tool
  • trusting people with limits
  • using less of their phones outside
  • paying attention to what is going on around you
  • knowing where the exits in their surroundings are located
  • looking and feeling confident
  • moving with purpose 
  • and, most importantly, by always having an alternate plan prepared

If you eventually have no option but to defend yourself, then you can protect yourself with some self-defense tips by:

  • staying out of reach
  • using what you have (no matter what it is)
  • avoiding the fight if and when possible
  • crying for help
  • fighting dirty
  • and never getting into the car – try your best to stop your attacker from getting you into the car

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The Disabled Getting a Gun Permit

Can a Disabled Person Get a Gun Permit
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Owing to the prevalence of victimization against the disabled, it has become highly necessary to get a gun license and own a firearm for defense in extreme cases. It is, therefore, safe to state that yes, the disabled person can get a gun permit.

However, a disabled person might make a gun his last option if he has witnessed or been in the situations listed above.

It is important to note that getting the license to own a weapon is conditioned on the reality that they must know how to use it.

For example: racking the firearm, pulling the trigger, handling the recoil, and stabilizing the gun. The right weapon will only be effective with the right training and probably the right holster.

The right holster should fit the gun, retain it, present or conceal it, protect it, and most importantly, be comfortable for the disabled – such that if pushed off their chair, the holster remains strapped to their body. This way, they can still access it rather than being left stranded.

General Conditions for Granting a Gun Permit

To be considered eligible to request a gun permit or own a gun, you ought to fulfill some requirements – whether or not you are disabled. You:

  • should not have been convicted of a crime or an ex-convict
  • should not have a record of domestic violence or have any pending charges of domestic violence
  • should not be a fugitive of the law
  • should not be an ex-officer of the armed forces who was discharged under dishonourable conditions
  • should not be an illegal immigrant or should not have renounced your citizenship
  • should not have a restraining order filed against you
  • should not be addicted to alcohol, drugs, or substances
  • should never have been to the mental hospital before
  • should not have any mental defect
  • should not be previously charged or convicted for stalking

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Gun and Weapon Handling for the Disabled

can a physically disabled person get a gun permit
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You should know that not every disabled person shares the same disability. While some have reduced body strength and mobility, others have a partial restriction with full control and strength of the rest of their bodies.

Hence, every disabled person needs a different weapon in adjustment to their approach. Handling a weapon, especially a gun, is not a one-size-fits-all situation. It requires discretion. 

For example, the weapon a disabled person with control of most of his body can use may be uncontrollable and unusable to one with restricted use and strength in major body parts.

Furthermore, self-defense and weapon training can complicate things for the disabled. But no matter the complication, the training is absolutely necessary as they’re the most targeted for violent crimes.

If training is hard and complex for non-disabled individuals, how much harder can it get for a disabled person? Therefore, the disabled will need to acquire/learn some additional training tips, like shooting.

If you’re disabled, you’ll need to test and evaluate which weapons suit you best. You’ll confirm if you can handle the recoil, reach it easily, look through it easily, if it’s light enough to carry, and if it’s secure and comfortable enough to grip.   

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Some Safety Measures for the Disabled with a Gun

As an established fact above, that the disabled person can get a gun permit, it is important to state the kind of weapon you can possibly get and how to manage it.

You can get a license to carry or possess a semi-automatic revolver or small caliber. But a mentally disabled person should never carry a gun, likewise the visually impaired.

Also, ensure you don’t have a problem with balance, don’t experience chronic pain, and don’t have limited motion range and poor hand strength before getting the gun license.

To be safe, you should understand your abilities, personal comfort level, own lethal/non-weapons, heighten your security sense by being aware and conscious of your surroundings even when weaponless.

Most importantly, you have to be proficient with your firearm because if you’re not, it can be used against you, resulting in a waste of life and property. 

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Can a Disabled Person Get a Gun Permit? (Answered)


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