List of Where to Sell Wheelchairs

where to sell wheelchair

Where can I sell a wheelchair and make a sale in the shortest time possible?

Well, there are a lot of options out there, and depending on the condition of the wheelchair you’re selling, you should be able to make a sale in less than a week.

In this article, you’ll find some of the best places where to sell a wheelchair. Whether you’re a dealer in wheelchairs or you were a wheelchair-bound person looking to sell off your old wheelchair, you can try out these options and expect the best results.

Where to Sell Wheelchairs (New and Used)

If you’re selling wheelchair equipment, you could try selling to a local medical equipment and supply store. Nevertheless, you could always count on the online websites and resources listed here to help you make a sale.


Amazon is the largest online shopping platform in the world; you’re most likely to get a sale on Amazon whether you’re selling a brand new or used wheelchair.

Putting a wheelchair up for sale on Amazon is very easy; the hard part is selling it. There are thousands of sellers on this store with insanely competitive prices displaying their wares. Learn how the site works before putting your wheelchair up for sale.

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The Mobility Market USA

The Mobility Market USA is a platform dedicated to buyers and sellers of pre-owned mobility aid equipment.

The selling process on this website is quite different. If your wheelchair has a sale value of less than $100, you can post an ad for free (i.e without paying any advertising fees). However, if you’re selling a wheelchair worth more than $100, you will be charged between $20 and $80 for the item.

While the fee might be a little high compared with other websites, I still consider this to be a great platform for those looking to sell their wheelchairs very fast. The site is dedicated to only buyers and sellers of pre-owned mobility aid equipment. This means that you’re more likely to make a sale in the shortest time possible.

Oakham Mobility & Healthcare

Oakham Mobility & Healthcare is another platform that allows you to exchange your old electric wheelchair for some cash. To sell your wheelchair on this site, you have to first meet their requirements.


eBay is a leading e-commerce platform that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. This means that brands and consumers alike get to sell products to other consumers through the website.

eBay allows you to sell your new and used items to consumers all around the globe. The site has a dedicated mobility/walking equipment category where you can post your item up for sale. To sell your wheelchair, you have to create an auction for it. You’ll also be required to include a detailed description, add photos, and payment and shipping options. It is important that you take good photos and fill the description area with useful information as this increases the chances of making a sale.

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Used Wheelchairs USA

This site is another good option to try out, however, you might receive less profit compared with what you would get from a private sale. Also, this site only focuses on pre-owned electric wheelchairs.

Furthermore, you can only sell your pre-owned electric wheelchair if it’s in good working condition. The website provides strict requirements concerning the quality and types of wheelchairs that can be sold.

The difference between this website and all other e-commerce platforms is that the company will be the buyer purchasing your wheelchair, so you can sell your wheelchair very quickly if it meets all their requirements.

Buy Sell Wheelchairs

Buy Sell Wheelchairs is another classified advertisement site where you can sell your wheelchairs quickly, that’s if you’re selling an electric wheelchair.

Like many other classified ads sites, you will be charged a posting fee to sell on this site. The posting fee varies; the higher it is the more options you get to sell the item.

When creating your ad, you will be given 3 options for creating a listing. The first option – a $5 listing – only allows for one picture. The other listings allow you to post multiple pictures and have your listing displayed on multiple pages. This could help you to make more sales in a short time, but you will earn less profit.


Craiglist is a classified advertisements website with sections devoted to a variety of topics including wheelchairs. If you’re going to sell on Craiglist, you might incur some costs. This is because the platform charges you a fee for selling certain products on it. Creating an ad and making a sale is very similar to other e-commerce platforms listed here. You will have to select the right price, write a compelling description, and do a bang-up marketing job to get your product to sell.

Mobility Buyers

If you have a high-quality used wheelchair that is still in great working condition and you want to sell it off pretty fast, then you can do so on Mobility Buyers.

The company will access your wheelchair to confirm that it meets their requirements. If it does, they will offer you a price for the wheelchair. And if you accept the price, you’d be contacted to prepare the wheelchair for collection at a certain date and time. At the point of collection, you get paid in cash for the price of the wheelchair.

Wrapping Up

Just like selling any other item, you have to be a great salesman to make a sale on any of these online platforms. Take great pictures of the wheelchair, write a good product description, and attach an affordable price that will not only set you apart from other sellers but also get you enough profit.

To get your item to sell faster, you could advertise it for a fee. But this would take a huge cut from your profits.

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List of Where to Sell Wheelchairs

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  1. I have a gently used mobility wheelchair I am wanting to sell. I would like to send me directions to send pictures,, and the bill of sale describing what the wheelchair has. I have all paperwork that came with the chair.

  2. my mom has a wheelchair that she got November 2020 it only has 4 miles on very nice high class chair it cost 28,000 sadly she passed aways January 2021 and we don’t need it anymore

  3. Looking to sell a brand new, never used Invacare Mariner Rehab Wheelchair with 18″ seat for the shower. Will send photos to all who inquire about it.

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