How to Choose a Reliable Transport Wheelchair (Complete Guide)

how to choose a transport wheelchair

When it comes to choosing ambulation devices, there are many options available on the market.

A transport wheelchair is one of them.

If you’ve been contemplating the best transport wheelchair to aid your mobility, especially when you’re always on the road, then this guide is a must-read for you.

Here, we shall be discussing what a transport wheelchair is all about, some crucial factors to consider before selecting one, the pros and cons of transport chairs, and how to effectively choose one for your mobility.

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Transport Wheelchair: What Does It Entail?

A transport wheelchair is also known as a transit or transport chair. It is a lightweight mobility device similar to a standard wheelchair. However, it is designed to be propelled only by a companion, attendant, or caregiver.

A transport wheelchair helps relieve pain by supporting your full-body weight, especially if you cannot walk long distances or suffer from any disability that restrains your mobility.

It’s often used by the aged, who find it difficult to walk or travel long distances without a wheelchair, or those who get tired easily while walking long distances.

This wheelchair’s portability is a major reason it’s considered the best wheelchair for traveling as it’s so easy to store, carry or lift into the car. Nevertheless, you can also use it to run errands, take short trips to the mall, amusement park, restaurant, or hospital.

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Essential Factors to Consider before Choosing a Transport Wheelchair

Transport wheelchairs come in various sizes, models, brands, colors, and designs. However, there are exceptional components an ideal transport wheelchair should have to ensure the user’s comfortability.

transport chairs for elderly

Therefore, below are the important factors you must consider before choosing a transport wheelchair.

Ability to fold

Most transport chairs are compact and can easily be folded into small sizes to fit into any vehicle. This feature enables you to fit the chair into your car without hassles, especially when traveling.


Functionality is another crucial factor you should consider before selecting a transport chair. You must ensure that the wheelchair is functional enough to serve its purpose and give you the maximum comfort you desire.

Functions to look out for are removable leg rests and armrests, foot locking or bicycle-style brakes, seat belts, among others.


Transport wheelchairs come in various sizes for you to choose from. These sizes range from small/narrow, medium, to wide, implying you will always find the right size that fits perfectly regardless of your body size.

Usage frequency

Your frequency of use is another factor you shouldn’t overlook when choosing a transport wheelchair.

If you’ll be using the chair more frequently, it’s advisable that you get a custom-made chair that will give you maximum comfort. This option is better even though it might be relatively expensive.

However, you can go for a cheaper choice if you won’t be using the transport wheelchair regularly.

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Portability and ease of storage

Although most transport chairs are portable, some are more portable and easier to store than others. Therefore, you should pick a chair that can easily be folded or disassembled to fit into your bag without stress.

This feature is one you should ascertain before purchasing a transport wheelchair, regardless of whether you intend to travel with it or not.

Traction of the tires

All transport wheelchairs have small tires that serve various purposes. However, ensure you get a chair with good tire traction, especially if you will be using the chair during the winter or rainy seasons.

This feature will prevent slips, accidents and equally ensure that you are well-secured while using it.


Comfortability should be your utmost priority if you are a regular user of a travel wheelchair.

Sitting for hours can be discomforting if your wheelchair doesn’t have a back or bottom cushion to guarantee your comfort. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose a travel wheelchair with a cushion.

In the absence of a wheelchair cushion, you can make or buy a throw pillow to support your back while using the chair.

Product review

Product reviews are another crucial aspect to consider before buying a transport wheelchair. Ensure you go online to conduct a thorough research about the various brands of transport wheelchairs that are available.

Check the reviews from previous buyers and the goodwill of the manufacturers. Doing this will greatly help you select the best transport wheelchair.

Pros of Transport Wheelchairs

how to choose a transport wheelchair
  • Transport wheelchairs are made from aluminum or steel, making them sturdy and reliable while giving you different material options to choose from
  • You can easily customize them to suit your needs or preference
  • Transport wheelchairs are super lightweight and can be carried from one place to another without stress
  • The small wheels of a transport wheelchair help to ensure a good turning radius, especially in small or narrow places
  • They are budget-friendly. As such, you can always get a transport wheelchair that fits your budget
  • They are the ideal mobility device for users who often travel

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Cons of Transport Wheelchairs

  • Unlike the standard wheelchair that can be self-propelled and requires no aid from an assistant, a transport wheelchair is attendant-propelled, relying heavily on someone to constantly help you move due to its small tires. Hence, the availability of an attendant or caregiver will often determine the number of times you’ll be able to use the wheelchair
  • It’s not user-friendly

Wrap Up

A transport wheelchair is an excellent choice for people with walking difficulties, especially those who travel frequently. And choosing the right one can be a daunting task for many wheelchair users.

Making that choice will now be effortless if you effectively follow this guide.

In addition, your knowledge of transport wheelchairs, the size that will fit your frame adequately, among other factors discussed above, will go a long way in helping you choose the right chair that will give you the best comfort.

How to Choose a Reliable Transport Wheelchair (Complete Guide)


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