List of Top 10 Deaf Owned Business

list of deaf owned business

Unsurprisingly, deaf-owned businesses are popping up daily nationwide.

According to research, there are around 1000 deaf-owned businesses in the US as of 2017.

This was less than 600 in the previous decade.

There is a wide range of businesses suitable for people with hearing impairments.

They cut across major industries and roles. So, it’s no surprise to find a deaf person doing well in a particular business sector.

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List of the Best Deaf Owned Business

1. Mozzeria

This is a pizza restaurant with a welcoming environment to experience deaf culture and increase job opportunities for people with hearing impairments.

It was founded in 2011 and has gained wide recognition for its authentic wood fire Neapolitan pizzas.

Mozzeria has 2 major branches in San Francisco and Washington DC.

Regardless, they have customers flocking from around the country to enjoy their pizza and cuisine inspired by the Campania region in Italy.

The restaurant operates within the core values of innovation, growth, authenticity, passionate service, and uncompromising quality.

It serves the food truck in various bay area locations. You can use the food truck finder on their website to know the next food truck servings.

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2. Deaf Tax

Deaf Tax is another top deaf-owned business dedicated to simplifying the tax filing process for the deaf community.

All Deaf Tax staff are deaf and fluent in ALS. So, you can be sure to get a full understanding and cooperation.

At Deaf Tax, people with hearing impairments can get premium tax preparation services in 4 easy steps.

Fill in your information online, meet your tax preparer, review your tax return, and approve the process.

This business allows deaf people to access their services using their mobile phones or desktops. Amazingly, their tax service plans are affordable and budget-friendly.

  • Website:

3. Deaf friendly

deaf-owned small business

Here’s a help platform created for the deaf community.

This business aims to increase deaf friendliness in millions of businesses nationwide.

With Deaf Friendly, you can rate, review, and find deaf-friendly businesses around you.

This was made possible by the insight of a deaf Seattle Entrepreneur who decided that it was time businesses bridge the gap between deaf and non-deaf individuals.

This business does not only rate and review deaf-friendly businesses but it also trains businesses and helps them become deaf-friendly certified businesses.

  • Website:

4. Alabama Sunshine

Alabama Sunshine is a jalapeno pepper farm that started as a hobby in the 1990s but has grown to be a well-established business.

The farm was founded by David Lee Smith, a deaf farmer and entrepreneur. The business is recognized as a reputable farm to table hot sauce business.

At Alabama Sunshine, you will get locally cultivated, harvested, processed, and produced hot sauces of the highest quality.

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5. Amelia Hamilton

Amelia Hamilton is a visual storyteller and designer who received her degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2020.

Her photography business has helped in building relationships and educating others about the deaf community.

Most of her works portray human connection, joy, and growth.

This business has won the heart of many people and left a landmark for the deaf community.

Anything from portraits to weddings, maternity, family, travels, and unscripted, you can trust this business to deliver exactly what it promises.

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6. Yatern

Yatern is a deaf consulting business co-founded by Russell Stein and Melody Stein.

They’re two deaf entrepreneurs with a shared vision to provide job opportunities for the deaf community. They also co-founded Mozzeria in 2011.

Yatern provides one-on-one consulting, virtual conferences, and webinars to help deaf people prepare and secure their business adventures.

This business has a wide range of educational videos to help the deaf community start and operate their business efficiently. Without mincing words, Yatern is one of the leading-edge deaf-owned businesses you will find in the US.

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7. Molly Moon’s

list of deaf owned business

Vanek Smith owns Molly Moon’s, a homemade ice cream business in Seattle, Wash.

The success of this business is a result of hard work, sustainable practices, strong local partnerships, fine ingredients, and happy people.

It operates within 5 core values of generosity, braveness, smartness, joyfulness, and homemade skills.

At Molly Moon’s, you’ll find several varieties and seasonal homemade ice cream.

This business trains its hearing staff in ASL to establish a deaf-friendly environment for the deaf community.

Molly Moon’s is in Wallingford, Capitol Hill, U Village, Redmond, Columbia City, Bellevue Walk-Up, and Bellevue Flagship.

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8. Sign Language Center

Alan Roth is the CEO of Sign Language Center.

He became deaf at the age of 4 and learned ASL at 6. In 2012, Sign Language Center became one of the top 7 language schools in NYC.

The business boast of experienced, efficient, and friendly native deaf teachers from a variety of backgrounds. It also provides an interactive and comfortable environment for the deaf community.

The class offerings and tuition fees are affordable and flexible. There are online classes are available for deaf people with busy schedules.

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9. Access Interpreting, Inc.

From its name, Access Interpreting is a business that is committed to providing communication services in all kinds of settings.

It is a leading interpreting company by the deaf community for the deaf community.

You can trust this business for your staff members’ communication, visitors, students, and guests. Their services are cost-effective and flexible.

This business also does many wonders in handling communication needs at events.

Their sensitivity and expertise in interpreting for the deaf community are second to none. And they are providing the highest commitment and quality.

  • Website:

10. JJones Design Co.

JJones Design was founded by Joshua Jones after facing multiple discrimination from design firms because of his hearing impairment.

The business is an interior e-design firm serving people all over the world.

John communicates with his customers over email and rapidly gained wide recognition because of his excellent designing skills. You’ll also love his amazing blend of colors.

This business offers varying design styles ranging from Modern Eclectic to Bohemian, Desert Rustic, Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, and Modern Rustic.

The design and decorating services are affordable and of high quality.

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List of Top 10 Deaf Owned Business


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