How to Easily Win a Bipolar Disability Case

A lot of people with bipolar disability find themselves struggling to carry out activities ordinary people perform regularly with ease. With symptoms fluctuating between anxiety, depression, guilt, and agitation, you may find yourself so depressed on some days that you won’t get up from your bed in the morning to go to work or attend[…]

How to Pump Up Wheelchair Tyres Effectively

The process of pumping up a wheelchair tyre is one of the simplest and DIY-friendly tasks that anyone can perform. It’s similar to pumping the tyres of a bicycle or motorcycle; however, pumping a wheelchair tyre is even simpler. If your disability allows you to use your limbs and upper body strength, then pumping your[…]

How to Choose a Reliable Transport Wheelchair (Complete Guide)

When it comes to choosing ambulation devices, there are many options available on the market. A transport wheelchair is one of them. If you’ve been contemplating the best transport wheelchair to aid your mobility, especially when you’re always on the road, then this guide is a must-read for you. Here, we shall be discussing what[…]

How to Kiss Someone in a Wheelchair Correctly

It’s a beautiful thing to wrap your hands around someone you love and plant a kiss on their cheek or lips. This simple gesture isn’t only endearing but spices the good moments you share with your partner. Sometimes, it’s the most affectionate way to bid your loved one goodbye. But what happens when this person[…]

How to Bathe a Disabled Person Easily

Washing our bodies is an unavoidable routine in our daily lives. But what happens when we have a disabled person around us who cannot bathe themselves? Their disability shouldn’t deny them from observing this important aspect of their daily routine. As a friend, family member, or caregiver, you might be left with the task of[…]

How to Hug Someone in a Wheelchair Correctly

There are few physical gestures as universally comforting as hugs. A hug can signify greetings, convey amorous sentiments, offer emotional reassurance, or give security and support. Described as ‘the heart’s handshakes’, hugs relieve pain and stress, strengthen interpersonal bonds and relationships, and reduce nervousness and fright. When faced with the need to hug people in[…]

How to Build a Wheelchair Lift like a Pro

Apart from the primary function of helping wheelchair users access the floors of a building, a wheelchair lift improves the safety and confidence of a wheelchair user. I’ll mention the other benefits of a wheelchair lift in the latter part of this article. Note that a wheelchair lift is important and a contributing factor to[…]

How to Start a Social Security Disability Law Practice

The legal profession has different areas of specialization that anyone who is interested in becoming a lawyer or attorney can venture into. One of those areas of specialization is social security disability law. Lawyers who specialize in this type of law help people of a certain age, disability, or condition get the financial benefits they[…]

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