How to Get a Wheelchair Van Donated to You for Free

Disabilities can arise as a result of defects in genetics, infection, drugs (or medications), exposure to radiation, or accidents. Accidents are likely to occur and no one can predict the severity of injuries or even the damage they can cause. Once you’re in this situation, you’re forced to adapt to the changes that have taken[…]

How to Change Your Address with Social Security Disability

In times of economic recession, social security insurance is a God-sent for every disabled person. It is also a saving grace for retirees and older adults. However, you must constantly update your details with the social security disability to continue to enjoy the benefits. One of those details that need to be regularly updated is[…]

How to Walk with Your Crutches Without Getting Tired

Crutches are often used by patients with leg injuries. The patient has to use the crutches for over 4 weeks to 6 months at times, depending on the severity of their condition. During that time, they are encouraged to be mobile and engage in their regular activities. Using crutches requires strength and flexibility of the[…]

How to Score Headache Disability Index

The headache disability index is an effective and reliable instrument for assessing headache disability in diverse persons. Medical experts use this instrument to categorize headache disability for varying purposes like social security insurance and other benefits. So, it makes sense to have forehand knowledge of this instrument if you have a headache disability condition. In[…]

How to Motorize a Manual Wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs are mostly utilized by active disabled individuals who can still make great use of the limbs and parts of the body. There are various types of manual wheelchairs; they range from standard chairs to light chairs and Hemi height chairs. They all give the disabled the desired and much yearned independence. In addition,[…]

How to Use Crutches on Stairs Without Railing

If you’re using crutches, then you probably have a nasty leg injury, or you’re healing after leg surgery. Crutches might be uncomfortable and limit your range of activities, but they are remarkable for preventing or reducing pain while the leg heals. Whether it is in your home, apartment building, or outside, there are bound to[…]

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