How to Dance With Someone in a Wheelchair

Being in a wheelchair does not stop you from enjoying and rocking to your favorite music. You can make amazing dance moves just like every other person. Yes, nothing stops you from dancing for fun or fundraising, rehab therapy, or moneymaking. The most interesting part about wheelchair dances is that they can be done in[…]

Getting a Disabled Person into a Boat: The Complete Guide

Having plied a boat more than once, I can assure you it is the toughest way to move a disabled person than other transportation means, requiring lots of strategic planning and wisdom. Why do I say so? A boat is not on land; hence it isn’t steady because it is afloat. Even the piers situated[…]

How to Install a Wheelchair Lift in a Van Like a Pro

As discussed previously, there are three main categories of wheelchair lifts; internal, external, and hybrid lifts. This article will show you how to install these types of lifts. There are different products of wheelchair lifts. Hence, the installation of each product type might tend to differ from the other. This article can, therefore, serve as[…]

How to Have Sex in a Wheelchair with Your Spouse

Sex is a pleasurable activity every married person ought to enjoy. It’s an aspect of marriage that shouldn’t be overlooked. It can be responsible for making the bond between couples get stronger and it can also be the reason a marriage falls apart. Having sex with your spouse can become a challenge if your spouse[…]

How to Make Crutches without Wood (DIY)

There are two major and general types of materials used to make crutches; wood and aluminum. Although crutches made with wood have their undeniable advantages, they can tend to be very heavy in nature, quite expensive, uncomfortable for the user, cause bruised sides or sore armpits, and a minor threat, especially to the safety of[…]

How to Fill Out Voluntary Self Identification of Disability

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires that federal contractors invite potential employees to self-identify their disability on the application. The form must be filled out annually by new hires and applicants for federal contracts and completed by the employee if they wish to remain employed by the contractor. The disclosure is voluntary and the[…]

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