How to Make Crutches without Wood (DIY)

There are two major and general types of materials used to make crutches; wood and aluminum. Although crutches made with wood have their undeniable advantages, they can tend to be very heavy in nature, quite expensive, uncomfortable for the user, cause bruised sides or sore armpits, and a minor threat, especially to the safety of[…]

How to Apply for Temporary 100% VA Disability

It’s a privilege and honor to serve your country as a military officer. But things may turn bad and you may suffer some injuries in the course of your duty. An incident like this cannot be avoided. This is why the government, through the Department of Veteran Affairs, has put up programs to see to[…]

How to Fill Out Voluntary Self Identification of Disability

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires that federal contractors invite potential employees to self-identify their disability on the application. The form must be filled out annually by new hires and applicants for federal contracts and completed by the employee if they wish to remain employed by the contractor. The disclosure is voluntary and the[…]

How to Treat Sore Hands from Crutches

One of the commonest mobility aids for temporary or permanent disability is the crutches. Oftentimes, crutches are used to aid movement within short distances by those who have difficulty in walking or suffer from one joint problem or the other, especially around the legs. In as much as crutches have their benefits as being one[…]

How to Make Crutches Out of Homemade Items (DIY)

There are many great DIY methods of making crutches. From old-fashioned canes to woods, papers, and brooms, you can find a way to make crutches to meet your specific needs. If you cannot afford to buy ready-made crutches, you can make yours. You can even use a plastic bag as a crutch. Crutches made from[…]

How to Shower with Crutches (Step by Step Guide)

Your hygiene is an aspect of your life you must not fail to observe irrespective of the condition you find yourself in. You have to devise a way to have your shower and do your clean-up even while using crutches. This may seem like a difficult routine you will have to learn. But with some[…]

How to Make a Cup Holder for a Wheelchair (DIY)

As a wheelchair user, staying hydrated cannot be overemphasized because it helps with the easy movements of the rest of your body that aren’t restricted. A cup holder is, therefore, a useful accessory that helps you carry your cup or bottle wherever you go and prevents you from getting dehydrated. Dehydration contributes to the root[…]

How to Make Crutches for Kids

Part of your duties as a parent includes seeing to the comfort of the kids under your care. Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile to provide for their needs. One of such occasions is when you have to provide crutches for them to ease their movement. But for some reason, you might not[…]

How to Remove a Wheelchair Lift from a Van

A wheelchair lift is a mechanical platform used to raise or lower a wheelchair into and out of the van. It is mostly used to conveniently transport power wheelchairs since most types are not foldable like the manual wheelchair. It can also function as a lift to transfer other heavy equipment into your vehicle without[…]

How to Oil Your Wheelchair Effectively

The regular maintenance of your wheelchair will help prevent rust and ensure the smooth running of the moving parts. Wheelchairs manufacturers advise that you use lubricant spray to lubricate the moving parts, including the axles because increased friction between moving parts can lead to rapid wear and tear. They also advise that you oil your[…]

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