Top 8 Good Activities for Elderly that Have Limited Mobility

Growth is one aspect of our lives that we can’t prevent from happening. As humans, it gets to a point when growth decreases our physical activities. The sports and games we play or the energy we put into our jobs will reduce, either due to the weakness that comes with old age or certain health[…]

What Happens If You Hit a Disabled Person? (Answered)

Have you ever found yourself entangled with a disabled person, resulting in an assault? And you freeze in your track when the reality dawns on you? No worries. I know the feeling. You’re human, and sometimes, your emotions can take the upper hand. Hitting a disabled person can be dangerous because laws protect disabled persons.[…]

How to Tell If Someone with ADHD Likes You

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, which is commonly known as ADHD or ADD, is a neurodevelopmental disorder or mental condition that affects both children and adults. People who suffer from ADHD tend to exhibit some traits that might restrict them from interacting or maintaining a steady relationship with others. And this might become worse as they grow[…]

4 Unique Types of One Handed Walkers

The ability to move freely is a vital part of our everyday lives.  People with disabilities or others who cannot do so are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to being mobile. The introduction of the assistive technology of walkers serves to overcome this limitation.     Walkers are mobility aid equipment for people with a[…]

10 Best Disability Management Companies

Hiring the services of disability management companies is better and more effective. They’ll use their expertise and experience to provide you with individual and group disability insurance products and other services. These companies also extend their services to help disabled people find and keep a job, perform their best, and reduce the impact of injuries[…]

7 Easy Jobs that Work with Disabled Children

Have you ever felt inclined to work with disabled children? Let me guess. You’ve probably become a volunteer to help disabled children in your church, community, or neighborhood. No pressure there! But what if you could turn your passion into a job? Yes, you heard that right. There are amazing jobs that work with disabled[…]

Does Having a Medical Card Affect Your Social Security Benefits? (Answered)

So you want to know if having a medical card can affect your social security benefits? You’re at the right place. This article will cover everything you need to know about using a medical card with social security insurance. But first, I must mention what a medical card is and the benefits of having one.[…]

What Happens to Your Disability Check If You Go to Jail? (Answered)

The provision of disability checks for disabled persons is to allow them to cater to themselves since their disabilities may affect their sources of livelihood. If you have been living with severe ill health for over a year and meet certain criteria, you may be eligible to receive disability checks. However, you may wonder what[…]

8 Best Writing Apps for Students with Disabilities

The advancement in modern technology has resulted in the creation or invention of assistive devices and software programs that can help students who suffer from different kinds of disabilities to learn easier and faster in school. Many writing apps have been created by different professionals to aid easy learning, especially for students who suffer from[…]

Can a Disabled Veteran be Recalled to Active Duty? (Answered)

Remember the excitement in the air when you were called to serve your country as military personnel? The basic training, the benefits, and all made butterflies in your bellies, and you never imagined or thought you would become disabled. Of course, nobody would, and it’s no fault of yours that you’ve moved from being an[…]

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