How to Have Sex in a Wheelchair with Your Spouse

Sex is a pleasurable activity every married person ought to enjoy. It’s an aspect of marriage that shouldn’t be overlooked. It can be responsible for making the bond between couples get stronger and it can also be the reason a marriage falls apart. Having sex with your spouse can become a challenge if your spouse[…]

How to Change Your Address with Social Security Disability

In times of economic recession, social security insurance is a God-sent for every disabled person. It is also a saving grace for retirees and older adults. However, you must constantly update your details with the social security disability to continue to enjoy the benefits. One of those details that need to be regularly updated is[…]

How to Walk with Your Crutches Without Getting Tired

Crutches are often used by patients with leg injuries. The patient has to use the crutches for over 4 weeks to 6 months at times, depending on the severity of their condition. During that time, they are encouraged to be mobile and engage in their regular activities. Using crutches requires strength and flexibility of the[…]

How to Score Headache Disability Index

The headache disability index is an effective and reliable instrument for assessing headache disability in diverse persons. Medical experts use this instrument to categorize headache disability for varying purposes like social security insurance and other benefits. So, it makes sense to have forehand knowledge of this instrument if you have a headache disability condition. In[…]

How to Get Disability Benefits for Scoliosis

The spine is known to be S-shaped (which helps it endure an even weight distribution, hence enabling flexible movement) when looking at it from the side and straight when looking at it from the front. If your spine is not straight and is forming an unusual C or S shape from the front view, then[…]

How to Ask About Disability in a Survey

A survey is defined as an investigation carried out to determine the opinions or experiences of a person/persons. It can be physical or online. Disability is any illness or impairment of the body or mind of a person that prevents or hinders them from engaging in certain activities or relating with people. The process of[…]

Best Disabled Cabins on Cruise Ships

If you’re on this page looking for cruise ships with the best facilities for people with disabilities, continue reading. Generally, cruise ships have improved their services to include facilities that will help people with disabilities enjoy their stay on the ship. While this is mostly true for new cruise liners, many old liners that have[…]

How to Carry Things with Crutches Seamlessly

Adapting to life with crutches can be one of the most challenging phases of one’s life. I bet it would come with its peaks and valleys even if you are using crutches temporarily. Apart from learning how to walk with this mobility aid, you should also learn how to carry things with crutches. After all,[…]

How to Successfully Get Custody of a Special Needs Child

The processes involved in getting custody of a child are complicated. It is even more challenging if the child in question is a special needs kid. Several factors can trigger the arrangements for child custody. Some cases may include divorce, the demise of parents, or a case of mismanaged behaviors of an adult in whose[…]

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