How to Change Your Address with Social Security Disability

how do i change my address with social security disability

In times of economic recession, social security insurance is a God-sent for every disabled person.

It is also a saving grace for retirees and older adults.

However, you must constantly update your details with the social security disability to continue to enjoy the benefits.

One of those details that need to be regularly updated is your home address. Social security would always review a patient’s information every 3 years, and this is enough reason to report a change of details as soon as possible.

Changing your address with social security disability is as easy as ABC. Rest assured that the process won’t drain your time and money.

Keep reading to find out the best and easiest ways to change your address with social security disability.

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What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Social security disability insurance is a monthly payment given to disabled persons to help them pay their bills. The scheme covers many other benefits like the supplemental nutrition assistance program.

Some conditions that qualify you for the social security disability insurance include respiratory disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, temporary or permanent deafness, blindness, and walking impairments. You automatically qualify for the insurance if you have any of the conditions.

Make sure to check with a disability attorney to know if you are eligible before proceeding with the process.

The social security disability process usually takes 2-3 months before it is signed and approved by a jury. You will get your first social security disability insurance payment once you vet your details.

Note that there’s no expiration date for your social security disability if you suffer from a severe or permanent disability. This is why you must update your details every now and then to continue enjoying the benefits.

This leads us to our main focus; how to change your address with social security disability. Make sure to read to the end.

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3 Ways to Change Your Address with Social Security Disability

In a recent publication, the social security administration emphasizes the need to change your address with them when you move to a new location. According to them, you might lose your benefits if they cannot contact you.

how do i change my address for social security

You don’t want that, do you? So, check out 3 ways you can change your address.

1. Use your social security online account

This is the fastest and easiest way to change your address. This method requires using a PC and dedicating a few minutes to the task. Below are the steps to follow.

Step 1

Visit the official social security website to access your online profile. Click on “sign in” if you already have an account. Otherwise, this is the point where you have to create one by clicking the “create an account” button. Once you’ve cracked it, hop to the next step below.

Step 2

Input your username and password to get on the home page. Here, you will find “My profile” at the top right of the home page. Click on it to open the profile page. Click on “update contact info” and Input your new address correctly.

Step 3

Cross-check your new address before clicking the next button. Boom! You’ve successfully changed your address with social security disability. It’s easy, isn’t it?

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2. Visit your local social security office

First, let’s remove this drawback from the way.

Visiting your local social security office to change your address comes with lots of waiting time and unnecessary money spending. You’ll definitely pay the price to get down to your local office. Usually, this is not the fastest and easiest option.

But if the transportation fare and the waiting hours don’t bother you, visit your local social security office to have an interactive section with the officials. Make sure to get a printout to confirm the change of address.

3. Call your local social security office

Another way to change your address with social security disability is calling to change the address over the phone. Yes, you read that right.

A simple phone call to the appropriate quarters is as effective as visiting the social security office yourself.

Using this method to change your address is stress-free and saves up time and money. But here’s the kicker. Don’t call the main social security office but your local social security office if you want a quick response.

Why You Should Change Your Address with Social Security Disability

how do i change my address with social security disability

The consequences of not having a correct and updated address with social security disability can be grievous, ranging from losing your benefits and SSI to getting a sanction on your payments. The rub is that the sanction could be a loss of payment for 12-24 months.

I am pretty sure you don’t want that.

You should consider changing your address when you move to a new location to get direct newsletters and other vital information, even if you’re getting direct social security payment.

The social security office will also have your updated record and contact you when need be.

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Other Details You Can Update with Social Security Disability

Apart from your address, you can also change your email address, direct deposit, and name with social security. Let me show you how to do it.

Changing your email with social security

Social security leverages email to send updates to beneficiaries. It’s important that you update your email address with them if you want to be conversant with their recent happenings and get first-hand information on every matter.

Follow the guidelines given above to change your email. Instead of updating contact information, click on the “update email address” on the home page.

Changing your direct deposit

The step-by-step guide to changing your address with social security can also be used to change your direct deposit information. Depending on your preference, you can visit your local social security office or change it via your online social security profile.

Make sure to input your new bank details correctly and double-check for errors or omissions.

Changing your name

The odds of changing your name with social security online are very slim. The best way to go about this is to visit your local social security office. Bear in mind that you will need some vital documents like a U.S passport and a passport photograph to this effect. You can also change your social security number when you suspect any fraudulent activity.

How to Change Your Address with Social Security Disability


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