How to Ask About Disability in a Survey

A survey is defined as an investigation carried out to determine the opinions or experiences of a person/persons. It can be physical or online. Disability is any illness or impairment of the body or mind of a person that prevents or hinders them from engaging in certain activities or relating with people. The process of[…]

Best Disabled Cabins on Cruise Ships

If you’re on this page looking for cruise ships with the best facilities for people with disabilities, continue reading. Generally, cruise ships have improved their services to include facilities that will help people with disabilities enjoy their stay on the ship. While this is mostly true for new cruise liners, many old liners that have[…]

How to Successfully Get Custody of a Special Needs Child

The processes involved in getting custody of a child are complicated. It is even more challenging if the child in question is a special needs kid. Several factors can trigger the arrangements for child custody. Some cases may include divorce, the demise of parents, or a case of mismanaged behaviors of an adult in whose[…]

10 Best Therapists for Parents of Special Needs Child

Raising a child is one of the most challenging enterprises one can embark on. Many parents find that they stretch themselves to the limits in attempting to cater to their children’s emotional, psychological, and other needs. In the case of special needs children such as kids with autism and other medical conditions, the task of[…]

How to Use Transfer Board from Wheelchair to Toilet

Going to the restroom is one of the most strenuous chores, which can result in frustration for the disabled individual. However, the disabled who still have full or intermediate use of the limbs can reduce this stress with a transfer board – which might seem complex to use initially. Using a transfer board requires a[…]

Can a Chicken Be a Service Animal? (Answered)

From the beginning of time, human existence has been able to portray that animals are living creatures that human beings cannot do without. There are numerous ways in which animals can be of help to humans. Some of which are scientific study, medical advancements, farming, transportation, food, shelter, physical, and emotional support. Animals have, therefore,[…]

Can a Hamster Be a Service Animal? (Answered)

Hamsters cannot be service animals. Instead, they belong to an entirely different group of animals referred to as emotional support animals. Although people often use the terms service animal and emotional support animals interchangeably, they are both not the same thing. Emotional animals are different from service animals. The laws guiding the acquisition and use[…]

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