Can a Duck Be a Service Animal? (Answered)

Animals are living creatures that can eat, move, reproduce, and react (through their senses). They are sensible but are lower creatures than human beings. They can either be pets, helpers, threats, or predators to humans. In some parts of the world, some animals like cats, dogs, wolves, and birds can serve as assistance animals. There[…]

Top 6 Disability Awareness Event Ideas

Should you host a picnic, a talk show, or a get-together? When it comes to disability awareness event ideas, there are hundreds of options to choose from. But if this is your first time hosting such an event, it might be quite difficult for you to settle for an idea. The thing about disability awareness[…]

3 Most Common Types of Disabilities in Guatemala

Guatemala is a country famous for a couple of fascinating things including the city of Antigua – a UNESCO world heritage site, Mayan culture, rain forests, and volcanic sites. But as beautiful as it may seem to be, Guatemala has a lot of downsides, some of which you’ll become aware of in a bit. Guatemala[…]

4 Traumatic Examples of Disability Discrimination in Sport

A shadow is haunting the disabled in the sports industry. It is that specter in our society that evokes negative emotions and perceptions about disabled people. As a result of the stigma and negative perceptions generally associated with disability, people with disabilities are often excluded from certain educational, employment, and community spaces. Even when people[…]

I Broke My Leg. Can I Get Short-Term Disability? (Solved)

Dealing with a broken leg can be a discomfort. A bone fracture in the leg is very painful and could cause restrictions.  It is difficult to walk with a broken leg and even do essential things. Working with a leg fracture can be nearly impossible.  You will most likely need help to move around. Getting aid[…]

Can I Do DoorDash While On Disability? (Answered)

DoorDash is an online food delivery service that enables people to order food from restaurants. The food is then picked up for delivery by freelance workers.  DoorDash is one of the largest food delivery companies in the United States.  Through DoorDash, local businesses meet consumers’ demands for ease and convenience in getting goods and services.[…]

Can You Get Temporary Disability for Rotator Cuff Surgery? (Answered)

The group of tendons and muscles located in your shoulder is known as the rotator cuff. Your rotator cuff performs many functions. Two of its major functions are helping to keep your shoulder joint in its right place and helping you to rotate and lift your arm when you engage in different activities. Sometimes, the[…]

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