Top 10 Places Where to Buy Wheelchair Tires

where to buy wheelchair tires

A wheelchair is comprised of four wheels – two large wheels at the rear and two small wheels in front known as casters.

These wheels are encased by tires.

The large wheels provide support for the wheelchair, especially with the user’s weight; this way, the wheelchair can be propelled easily. Then the casters help with easy movement, especially between tight spaces.

Wheelchair tires carry the weight of the wheelchair, help the easy propelling of the wheelchair without skidding, help to provide cushioning to the wheelchair against rough terrains and general shocks, and help the wheelchair change direction and turn without slipping.

Wheelchair tires are composed of spokes, rims, tires, push rims, and hubs. Tire sizes for wheelchairs are usually sized 22, 24, and 26 inches (although, quite smaller for power and pediatric wheelchairs).

Before buying wheelchair tires, you need to know the kind of tires that will be suitable for your wheelchair type.

There are three basic classes of wheelchair tires: Pneumatic, Urethane/Solid, and Foam/Semi-Pneumatic.

Below are the most reliable places that can provide you with the best wheelchair tires all-round.

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10 Best Places Where to Buy Wheelchair Tires

1. Rowheels

Designed and assembled in the United States, Rowheels produces and sells innovative wheelchair tires that work in a rowing motion and assist in relieving constant pain in the shoulders.

For most self-forward propelling wheelchairs, you’re bound to use your shoulder all day long, which might result in shoulder and muscle pain. But Rowheels has been designed to help put the wheelchair user into a better posture to eliminate the hunched forward posture and pain.

The peculiar thing about Rowheels is that no matter your type of wheelchair, all you have to do is sit comfortably and push the wheels backward instead of forward, to propel yourself.

How awesome can that get?


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2. Amazon

This store sells varieties of wheelchair tires from a large range of manufacturers and producers across the globe. When looking for your particular wheelchair tire need on Amazon, you get over 700 search results of numerous wheelchair tires.

The advantage of shopping with Amazon is that you get to see some types of wheelchair tire brands that you may never have come across from other parts of the world.

Amazon arranges the products varying in price, size, and color. They also include which wheelchair tire is the bestseller; this enables you to make informed choices before making a purchase.


3. Sportaid Wheelchairs & Stuff

wheelchair wheels and tires

At Sportaid, you can be sure to find quality sports and everyday wheelchair tires like Primo V-Trak Black Side Tires, Passage Tires, Racers, Knobby Tires, Kenda Iron Cap, Vantage Tires, Shox Solid Tires, Schwalbe Marathon Plus, Super H Tires, and Colored Tires.

Sportaid is very peculiar because these kinds of tires might not be readily available at other stores, hence, they take away the pain of searching from people who use special kinds of wheelchairs that have hard-to-find parts.


4. DME Hub LLC.

Think everything wheelchair, think DME Hub. This is a 5-star rated online company that sells home medical products to improve the lives of numerous healthcare consumers through quality products, low prices, excellent customer service, and fast delivery.

DME Hub is not only a place to get wheelchairs and wheelchair tires but also a plug for every single part and item of your wheelchair.

From wheelchairs and wheelchair tires to wheelchair parts, performance wheels, performance hand rims, wheelchair cushions, wheelchair accessories, and many more, you will surely and happily find the best quality of whatever product you seek.

Hence, you need not stress about the desired part you need to replace or accessories you wish to fix.


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5. Ocelco Health Care Equipment and Parts

Ocelco’s dedicated online brand known as “Wheelchair Parts” already informs you of what the company and, in particular, the brand focuses on.

From wheelchair tires and other parts to wheelchairs, accessories, cushions, and even maintenance, Wheelchair Parts will cover your needs at affordable prices. So, you need not worry about your budget size.

This online store even goes a step further to provide you with the bearings and bolts that you may require for your wheelchair. Don’t slack on this one.


6. Walmart

where to buy wheelchair tires

With a high volume of daily visitors, Walmart stocks and sells the different classes of wheelchair tires. So, you’re sure to find your exact tire spec.

This store lists all of the different types of wheelchair tires they offer for sale. They showcase the ones available at a reduced price, installation tools for your wheelchair tires, and even scooter tires.


7. Frog Legs Inc.

For a company that specializes in wheelchair wheels, forks, and accessories, Frog Legs is a designer that manufactures the highest quality of shock-absorbing wheelchair parts (including tires) and accessories for your wheelchair.

This is no doubt a 5-star rated company with loads of amazing reviews that are sure to make you give their products a trial without second thoughts. 


8. Karman

Karman is one special company that provides “state of the art” mobility products.

They sell wheelchairs, wheelchair universal headrests, upholstery and seats, wheelchair replacement parts including tires, cushions and accessories, wheelchair elevating leg rests, anti-tippers, and crutches and canes that can further help your recovery process if your wheelchair use is temporary.

From over a hundred different models of wheelchairs, wheelchair parts, and other products, you are sure to get all of your mobility needs covered.


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9. South West Medical LLC.

Just like Ocelco, this company also has an online brand– Quickie Wheelchairs – dedicated to everything wheelchairs and wheelchair parts.

You can get whatever suits you from their variety of products like wheelchair parts and accessories, equipment for wheelchair positioning, therapy and living aids, wheelchair cushions and backs, ultra-light wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, pediatric wheelchairs, and power wheelchairs.


10. Heavenly Wheels Inc.

Heavenly Wheels has two stores in Atlanta and Johns Creek in Georgia. If you’re looking to customize the wheels of your wheelchair, then Heavenly Wheels is the right choice.

They also stock wheelchair cushions and supports and accessories that are sure to suit your daily mobility needs and help improve your quality of life using the wheelchair.


Top 10 Places Where to Buy Wheelchair Tires


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