15 DIY Wheelchair Decoration Ideas

diy wheelchair decorations

Being wheelchair-bound should not prevent you from exploring your creativity. Your wheelchair doesn’t have to be just plain without any character or adornment.

You can personalize your wheelchair in different ways or designs to tell the world what you’re all about and make it aesthetically appealing.

Fortunately, there are many interesting and unique DIY wheelchair decoration ideas to choose from. And we shall be sharing the best of those ideas with you.

Whether you’re young, middle-aged, or old, we’ve got something for you in this article. The DIY wheelchair decoration ideas that we shall be sharing with you cut across all age groups and are equally budget-friendly.

Hence, if you are a DIY beginner using a wheelchair or an experienced DIYer who loves to get creative and try out brilliant decorating ideas for your wheelchair, continue reading this article till the end.

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Best DIY Wheelchair Decoration Ideas

1. Nature and Flowers

diy wheelchair decorations

This idea is for those who love nature and want to show that personality in their wheelchair.

It is one of the simplest decorations to make because it cost little or nothing. You simply need to get faux or silk greenery and flowers. Then use tape or wire to attach them to your chair.

Be creative by placing the flowers in strategic places on your wheelchair to give your chair a nice pop and aesthetics.

However, if you prefer real greenery and flowers, that’s also a thoughtful idea.

Simply get a portable water tube for your wheelchair and fill it up with flowers and greenery of your choice.

Just ensure you maintain and replace the flowers regularly to enable you to retain their freshness as your chair continues to look naturally radiant.

2. A DIY Pillow and Cushion Cover for Your Chair

If you’re good with sewing materials manually or with a machine, this decoration idea is for you.

Explore various materials pillow and cushion cover to make your wheelchair colorful.

Patterned materials or a mixture of different plain colored materials will help you achieve an impressive set of cushion and pillow cover for your wheelchair.

You only need needles and the colorful thread and materials of your choice to get started.

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3. Knitted Wheelchair Shawl

Just like your wheelchair cushion and pillow cover, having a knitted wheelchair shawl will be a great addition to your wheelchair.

You can always put it on when the weather is cold. And you can go further with your creativity by making the color(s) of your shawl match other decorations on your wheelchair. Doing this will make your chair stand out from the crowd.

4. Be Creative with Stickers

The use of stickers to decorate wheelchairs has been in practice for so long. However, you can make your chair unique with the type of decorative stickers you decide to go for.

Adding your favorite sticker to your chair is one of the easiest DIY decorations you can give your chair.

From stickers of your favorite football/basketball team, bumper stickers, other decorative stickers, there is a handful of them to choose from.

You can get these stickers from arts and crafts stores around you. Then begin to paste them on strategic places of your wheelchair for the best aesthetics.

5. Light up Your Wheelchair

Apart from the functionality that comes with having a wheelchair light, it also helps to beautify your wheelchair, especially at night.

There are different colored wheelchairs and spoke lights that you can select from to help you stand out in the dark.

Also, you can install multicolored LED caster wheels for your chair. It’s a creative way to decorate your chair’s wheels and make it unique.

6. Custom Cushioned Wheelchair Safety Belt

This safety belt is a great decorative option for those who suffer from seizures or spasticity. Having a cushioned wheelchair will provide safety and comfort, and it gets better when the belt is customized.

You can use your favorite material to make the wheelchair belt and strap it right on your wheelchair for safety.

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7. A Beautiful Set of Fingerless Gloves

Your hands might suffer from calluses and blisters due to their constant contact with your wheelchair. However, you can prevent these with a set of fingerless gloves.

Although sold at shopping malls in various shapes, sizes, and colors, they are equally DIY-friendly, allowing you to create yours with your most-preferred material.

8. Cozy Wheelchair Footrest Cover

diy wheelchair decorations footrest

Apart from the fingerless gloves, you can also make a nice, cozy wheelchair footrest cover to protect your feet from blisters.

Just get fluffy and colorful material and measure the length of your footrest to get the exact measurement that can adequately fit into the footrest.

Sew the edges of the material with a thread and needle while leaving an edge that will enable you to fit the cover right into the footrest.

9. Chic Wheelchair Bag and Purse

A beautiful, small but chic storage sack or purse with a hook-and-loop fastener can help you carry your phone and other small accessories while you’re on the go. This sack is ideal if you dislike moving large bags around.

However, if you are the type who can’t do away with a big bag, then having a nicely patterned bag strapped behind your wheelchair is a handy option to decorate your chair elegantly.

You can decide on any bag type you like, so long as it’s wheelchair-friendly and has a hook-and-loop fastener to keep it firmly on your wheelchair.

Another brilliant, decorative wheelchair bag style is the under-seat bag. It will go a long way in preventing theft and help you access things from the bag without stress.

10. Give Your Wheelchair a Nice Set of Custom Wheels

There are a handful of costume wheel designs that can transform your chair into a bold fashion statement.

A wheelchair spoke guard helps you create artistic custom designs on your wheel. You can opt for spray paint and then paint your wheelchair with a brush if you are artistically inclined.

Alternatively, you can buy ready-made, beautiful, decorative spoke guard stickers for your wheels.

They will absolutely keep your wheelchair stunning as you step outside with them.

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11. Superhero Decorative Design

For those who have kids using wheelchairs, the superhero wheelchair design is ideal. Adults superheroes fans would also love this decorative idea.

Get your kid’s favorite superhero stickers, logos, or colors for their wheelchair. From Spider-Man, Batman, Superman to the best of Marvel characters.

Doing this will make their wheelchair colorful, attractive and give it a bit of character.

12. Colorful Wheelchair Skin

Instead of having a plain boring-looking wheelchair, why not spruce it up with a new skin?

You can change the entire color or body of your frame, wheel spoke, and back seat with a new set of skin or cover.

Since wheelchair skin is removable, you can experiment with various skin designs suiting your personality for a unique and beautiful appearance.

13. Cozy Wheelchair Blanket

diy wheelchair decorations

Unlike a typical blanket that is heavy and sometimes gets caught under your wheels, causing you serious trouble, a cozy wheelchair blanket is a viable solution to that.

Wheelchair blankets come with unique designs that suit all kinds of wheelchairs.

The blankets come in different colors, shapes, and sizes to suit the user, whether young or old. They are also waterproof and DIY-friendly. So, don’t hesitate to make one for yourself if you’re DIY-savvy.

You only need to get a colorful waterproof material, a sewing machine/thread and needle, scissors, and a tape rule for measurement.

14. A Sturdy and Colorful Umbrella

Say goodbye to the difficulty that comes with being caught underneath a harsh weather condition while in a wheelchair.

Whether you find yourself in a rainstorm or under the scorching sun, you will have little to worry about with a sturdy but colorful umbrella.

You only need to install an adjustable umbrella holder at your chair arm to attach the umbrella and keep your hands free.

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15. You Can Do No Wrong with a Wheelchair Quilt

Here is another great alternative to the wheelchair blanket. A wheelchair quilt is a decorative idea for older people to keep warm during winter and night.

It’s a perfect wheelchair decoration due to the different beautiful patterns and designs it comes with. Equally, it has two thick pockets that help store small personal items and keep your hands warm.

And just like all the wheelchair decoration ideas discussed so far, the wheelchair quilt is another unique way of adding color, vibrancy, and elegance to your wheelchair.

15 DIY Wheelchair Decoration Ideas


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