Best Baby Products for Disabled Parents

Baby products for disabled parents

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to anyone. The joy that often comes with that can almost make you forget your disability for a while.

While many people harbor fears concerning parenting as a physically challenged person, technology has made a whole lot of that easy. With several kinds of equipment, you no longer have to worry about how to carry, bath, or feed your baby.

In this article, I’ll show you a list of baby products that are meant for disabled parents. These baby equipment or products were designed to make parenting easier for you, as a physically handicapped parent, from the very first day until your baby grows older.

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Baby Products for Disabled Parents

1 Movement Sensor Baby Monitor

This equipment helps you to monitor your baby without having to regularly check on him. The device comes with a sensor pad that is usually put under the mattress where the baby is laid.

With the movement sensor baby monitor, you can be in a different room from where your baby is sleeping and still be able to know what is going on with him.

The good thing about this monitor is that is easy to set up. Within a few minutes, you can get it up and running, all by yourself.

2 Baby Slings/Carriers

Baby Slings/Carriers help you in carrying your baby as a disabled parent. They often come in different designs, so you can choose what suits your needs.

With Baby Slings/Carriers, you can carry your baby and still have your hands free to do other smaller things. The product also works for those who have a physical challenge with one of their hands or both.

As long as you’ve got a good neck and shoulders, you’d find a baby sling/carrier useful.

3 Custom Built Changing Tables

Baby Changing Tables allows you to be able to change your baby’s nappies or diapers without much stress. A good example of this is the Ikea Changing Units. The product has received so many great reviews on different user review websites and online shopping malls.

With the custom-built baby changing table, you no longer have to worry about how to change your baby’s wears every now and then.

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4 Co-sleeper Cots

Co-sleeper cots are usually attached to the frame of the parent’s bed so that they can sleep side by side with their baby.

The essence of the cot is to enable disabled parents to check on their baby without having to always sit up, bend, and so on.

5 Lap Baby

This product allows you to safely hold your baby on your lap while doing other things with your hands like typing, holding and reading a book, eating, and so on.

The product comes with a teether clip, crotch strap, and other things to help keep your baby from slipping while you use your hands to power your wheelchair (if you use one).

6 Travel Systems

These baby products help you in carrying your baby from one place to another without stress. In case you need to make a short trip, you can easily fold and carry them along.

7 Nursing Pillows

A nursing pillow allows you to comfortably breastfeed your baby for as long as he needs. It comes in different designs, so you can choose the exact type you need.

The nursing pillow is mostly useful to people who have a physical challenge with either of their hands or both. For those who have no challenge with their hands, you will also find the product very useful since it allows you to use your hands for other smaller tasks.

8 Swivel Base Baby Car Seat

A swivel car seat is one of those features that is always recommended in wheelchair accessible vehicles. It allows you to board and exit your car without any stress.

Imagine being able to board your vehicle directly from your wheelchair and also move from the car to your wheelchair directly after a ride. That is the kind of accessibility a swivel car seat offers you.

The seat can be rotated in a particular direction to suit your needs. The same goes for a swivel base baby car seat.

9 Baby Stroller

One of the most helpful things any physically challenged parent would always be grateful for coming across is a baby stroller.

The product is usually attached to your wheelchair, as the parent, to enable you to push and at the same time propel the stroller.

With your baby in front of you, you can always keep an eye on him and be able to carry him whenever you need to.

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10 Baby Formula Makers

According to researchers, one of the best ways to help keep your baby healthy is by making formula on demand for them. This means that making a formula for a baby and storing it for later use is not the perfect way to go about it. You should be able to make one whenever the need arises.

This is where the use of these specially designed formula makers comes in. With the machines, you can be able to make your baby formula whenever the need arises. The machine is fast, reliable, and easy to set up.

It doesn’t just help prepare the baby formula alone, it also makes sure no bacteria gets to your baby through the bottle.

So, if you’re a parent living with a disability or about to become one, consider getting a baby formula maker to help make things easier for yourself. They are actually worth the money.

11 Walking Wings

Walking wings allow you to teach and help your child to walk without having to bend regularly. Once it is fixed to your baby’s shoulders, you can be able to hold him from falling using the wings.

12 Baby Cry Transmitter

A baby cry transmitter helps you to know when your baby is crying, especially if you have challenges with your hearing.

The machine notifies you whenever the baby is crying and making other sounds as well so that you can attend to them.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re about to become a parent or you’re one already, don’t let your physical challenge stop you from enjoying the fun that comes with having a baby.

Now you have within your reach the list of best baby products for disabled parents you can ever find out there. Get the ones that suit your needs and enjoy a superb relationship with your baby.

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Best Baby Products for Disabled Parents


My love for the disabled community started when I helped a blind man cross the road at around age 6. Fast forward to decades later, I became the caregiver of my grandma, who lost her ability to speak in her 90s. This blog helps me to produce helpful content that aligns with my passion.

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