Top 10 Places Where to Buy Forearm Crutches

where to buy forearm crutches

Forearm crutches are also known as Elbow, Canadian, or Lofstrand crutches.

They are mobility aid that helps to transfer weight from the user’s legs to the upper body.

Forearm crutches have cuffs that go around the forearm. They are used by inserting the forearms into the cuffs whilst holding on to the grips.

They look like walking sticks that have cuffs and grips.

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Adjusting Your Forearm Crutches

A forearm crutch is comprised of a frame, cuff, handgrip, pushbuttons, and tip/crutch bottom.

The appropriate height of the crutch needs to fit properly to achieve maximum comfort when in use. The cuffs should be 3 fingers spacing from your elbows. The handgrips should be at the exact height of your wrist and should reveal a slight bend in your arms.

You can adjust the cuff to the right position by using the button underneath the cuff on the frame.

You can also adjust the handgrip to the appropriate length of your wrist with the push buttons on the frame by just pressing the buttons and rotating the leg or frame of the crutch.

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10 Best Places to Buy Forearm Crutches

Below are the most recommended places where you can conveniently get forearm crutches.

10. AliMed

At the 10th spot is AliMed, a company that manufactures and supplies ergonomic, medical, and healthcare products to hospitals and surgery centers, orthopedic centers, and podiatry centers. Their products are suitable for long-term care and home health care.

You will be sure to find product types of forearm crutches like Drive Medical Deluxe Steel Forearm Crutches and Grand Line® Bariatric Forearm Crutch on their ecommerce store.

As a first-timer on their website, you might find a little bit of difficulty navigating.

However, if you take the following simple steps, you will have no issues finding your desired forearm crutches: click on products- durable medical equipment- walkers, canes and crutches- crutches.  

  • Website:

9. Global Sources

where to buy forearm crutches near me

Humbly grabbing the 9th spot is Global Sources. This is a B2B wholesale marketplace with varieties of products from different manufacturers and suppliers.

Before choosing a product to purchase, you have the opportunity to make inquiries about the particular product, the number of pieces available, and you even get to see the status of the manufacturer – reliable or otherwise – and years of product validity.

You can find forearm crutches made of aluminum, Foldable Stainless Steel Walking Forearm Elbow Crutches, OEM Adult Elderly Folded Forearm Trusty Crutches, Medical Comfortable Adjustable Aluminum Forearm Crutches, Forearm Crutch with 87 to 117cm Adjustable Height, and many more.

  • Website:

8. Affordable Medical Supply

This store offers a wide range of forearm crutches for various users. For this reason, they clinched the 8th spot. Not only do they sell forearm crutches, but they also sell other types of crutches in pairs.

You can get forearm crutches in youth and adult sizes, with the youth height ranging from 4’5”- 5’5” and adult height ranging from 5’3”- 6’2”.

They also stock Euro Style ‘Elbow’ Crutches with 250 lb in weight capacity and 300 lb in weight capacity. 

  • Website:

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7. Walk Easy

Walk Easy steals the 7th spot with their very user-friendly and colorful website. Their website separates the products and helps you with a quick view between the most popular and featured products; it even lists the features of all the forearm crutches. 

Walk Easy is a manufacturer and distributor of mobility aids and accessories. They offer colorful, lightweight, and innovative crutches as well as bottoms and accessories.

  • Website:

6. smartCRUTCH®

Securing the 6th spot is this beautiful crutch designer with an online store. Not only do they partner with Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers (DME’s) to get their forearm crutch products easily accessible to users, they also provide bespoke crutch products to customers.

Since you will not be able to try the tailored fit forearm crutches on for accurate fitting purposes, they offer quite a fair refund and returns policy, which will enable you to get the product fee back but without the shipping cost.

All smartCRUTCH® products are specifically built to improve posture to make you experience less pain and fatigue.

  • Website:

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5. Walgreens

Sitting steady at the 5th spot is Walgreens – the parent company being Walgreens Boots Alliance. Walgreens is your go-to store for all health and pharmaceutical products. They stock different types of crutch products including your desired forearm crutches.

The good thing about this company is that they tell you which forearm crutch products are sold in their physical and online stores and also inform you whether or not the products are available for shipping.

  • Website:

4. Etsy

Looking pretty at the 4th position is this global ecommerce marketplace known as Etsy. The platform focuses on handmade, vintage, and craft items/supplies. Interestingly, Etsy has an estimated 266.31 million visitors every month.

The platform offers beautiful varieties of forearm crutches and accessories (including DIY) from different producers and manufacturers.

Some of the available products include Mckesson Forearm Crutches, Rainbow Padded Forearm Crutch handgrip, Crutch Coffee Cup Holder (you will look very stylish with this one), Crutch Cuff Covers, and a range of other unique products.  

  • Website:

3. Walmart

where to buy forearm crutches

Serving as a household name in the US since the 60s, Walmart has a whooping monthly 468.96 million (estimated number of) visitors, and it’s confidently positioned at the 3rd spot on this list.

Walmart stocks a variety of forearm crutch products at different prices that can conveniently suit your budget. They tell you the products that are on sale at a reduced price and products that qualify for your Walmart gift card usage.

  • Website:

2. eBay

Very close to the top spot is this wonderful ecommerce corporation known as eBay, which is based in San Jose, California. They enable “business-to-consumer” and “consumer-to-consumer” sales on their website. Their platform generates a monthly number of visits estimated to be 855.82 million.

eBay has a wide range of different forearm crutch products from various manufacturers and suppliers.

They provide different search options to enable you to filter your search. Hence, you don’t have to waste so much time looking for the exact forearm crutch you desire.

  • Website:

1. Amazon

You must have been wondering if this amazing store made the list. Well, it sure did and it’s sitting very bold and confident on the number 1 spot.

Referred to as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world”, Amazon has a monthly number of visits estimated to be 2.73 billion. 

There is no need to say much about this fantastic ecommerce store, just know that whatever kind of forearm crutch you need, you will get it without hassle.

  • Website:
Top 10 Places Where to Buy Forearm Crutches


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