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What is a Mobility Accessible Tub? (Answered)

A mobility accessible tub is a bathtub that is specifically designed for the elderly, patients with mobility issues, and the disabled. The tubs are larger than regular bathtubs and usually come with certain features for stability. They also come with deep floors and sit-in structures that allow users to easily step in and out on[…]

Best Mobility Aids for Cars

Mobility aids for cars are very handy devices for individuals who need assistance in one way or the other when operating their vehicles. In the past, there were very few options available for people with mobility issues. But today, things are very different. There are currently thousands of mobility aids on the market; this gives[…]

What is a Mobility Hearing Accessible Room? (Answered)

What if you could make your guest room comfortable and a safe space for guests with hearing impairments? Yes, that’s the mobility hearing accessible room you’ve heard everyone talking about. In fact, hotels, inns, and lodges are leveraging assistive technology to improve their hospitality services to disabled persons. And yes, you shouldn’t be left behind.[…]

Steps and Techniques of Properly Securing a Mobility Device

Are you in the process of buying a mobility device for your disability compensation? Or your doctor has probably recommended one for you because of your walking disorder? I know you need as much information as possible on the best ways to use your mobility device. No worries. It’s important that you understand every process[…]

Best Disability Products for Seniors

It is natural that mobility becomes limited as we grow older. The strenuous activities we used to carry out effectively when we were younger, become almost impossible. This situation is even more critical for the disabled. And this is why disability products for seniors are highly recommended. These products take away burdens and allow things[…]

10 Best Disability Equipment Manufacturers

Individuals living with various types of physical disabilities require different types of specialized equipment. These tools help them to carry out their everyday work and activities. Disability equipment can range from glasses and braille for persons with different levels of visual impairments, to crutches and wheelchairs for people who have difficulty walking. Over the years,[…]

Best Kitchen Tools for One Handed

Life in the kitchen for handed persons is a serious struggle that other persons hardly ever understand. Especially when it comes to using tools that work best for those with two functioning hands. You spend a whole lot of time getting a few things done. For instance, opening a jar with a tight lid. This[…]

4 Unique Types of One Handed Walkers

The ability to move freely is a vital part of our everyday lives.  People with disabilities or others who cannot do so are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to being mobile. The introduction of the assistive technology of walkers serves to overcome this limitation.     Walkers are mobility aid equipment for people with a[…]

What are Prosthetic Limbs Made of? (Answered)

Prosthetic limbs or prostheses are artificial body parts (arms and legs precisely) meant to help amputees do things that a normal limb would do (at least to an extent). Many modern prostheses are so realistic-looking that you will actually not know they are not real until you are told. Some do not just have the[…]

8 Best Writing Apps for Students with Disabilities

The advancement in modern technology has resulted in the creation or invention of assistive devices and software programs that can help students who suffer from different kinds of disabilities to learn easier and faster in school. Many writing apps have been created by different professionals to aid easy learning, especially for students who suffer from[…]

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