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7 Best Mobility Aids Walkers for Easy Movement

Walking without support becomes a luxury when you lose the ability to walk properly. This inability could be as a result of surgery or because you’re disabled, old, or some other reason. Mobility aids walkers offer you the opportunity to walk on your feet from one place to another for as long as you want[…]

A Quick Look at the Major Benefits of Mobility Aids

The major reason why people use mobility aids is to be able to move around easily when mobility becomes difficult or impossible without support. Mobility devices are divided into 3 categories based on their functions. The first category is designed for people who can walk on both feet without support but need assistance to navigate[…]

8 Best One Handed Assistive Devices

Adapting to life with an upper limb disability could be challenging, especially for individuals who are used to doing things with both hands. Fortunately, there are many assistive devices out there that make life easier for people with upper limb disabilities. In this article, you will find my selection of some of the best one-handed[…]

How to Measure Crutches Correctly

Using the right crutches for your disability is important to make walking comfortable. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the right size that fits you perfectly. You can measure crutches in the four walls of your room. It only takes a little knowledge of measuring crutches plus the right instrument (measuring tape)[…]

How to Walk with Your Crutches Without Getting Tired

Crutches are often used by patients with leg injuries. The patient has to use the crutches for over 4 weeks to 6 months at times, depending on the severity of their condition. During that time, they are encouraged to be mobile and engage in their regular activities. Using crutches requires strength and flexibility of the[…]

These are the Recommended Types of Crutches to Use

Crutches haven’t changed much over the years but are featuring more functionalities as time passes. With the help of technology, they are now being developed to offer maximum support and keep the hands free. This is a vital innovation that enables injured persons to go about their daily activities and catch fun even with their[…]

How to Use Crutches on Stairs Without Railing

If you’re using crutches, then you probably have a nasty leg injury, or you’re healing after leg surgery. Crutches might be uncomfortable and limit your range of activities, but they are remarkable for preventing or reducing pain while the leg heals. Whether it is in your home, apartment building, or outside, there are bound to[…]

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