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How to Use a Walking Frame Correctly

A walking frame may come as a rollator (with wheels) or a normal walker (without wheels). And usually features a folding or adjustable design. The essence of the different designs is to enable you to choose whichever suits your needs. Apart from choosing the type and design you feel is best for you, you also[…]

Top 10 Places Where to Buy Forearm Crutches

Forearm crutches are also known as Elbow, Canadian, or Lofstrand crutches. They are mobility aid that helps to transfer weight from the user’s legs to the upper body. Forearm crutches have cuffs that go around the forearm. They are used by inserting the forearms into the cuffs whilst holding on to the grips. They look[…]

7 Best Mobility Aids Walkers for Easy Movement

Walking without support becomes a luxury when you lose the ability to walk properly. This inability could be as a result of surgery or because you’re disabled, old, or some other reason. Mobility aids walkers offer you the opportunity to walk on your feet from one place to another for as long as you want[…]

A Quick Look at the Major Benefits of Mobility Aids

The major reason why people use mobility aids is to be able to move around easily when mobility becomes difficult or impossible without support. Mobility devices are divided into 3 categories based on their functions. The first category is designed for people who can walk on both feet without support but need assistance to navigate[…]

How to Use the Pedal Exercise Equipment for Seniors in a Wheelchair

The pedal exercise equipment is an innovative piece of machine that pedals the user’s limb and requires no full-body involvement in pedaling. The user only has to move their limbs while the rest of the body is stationary. They, however, have to maintain a sitting position when using the equipment. Who Is It Meant For?[…]

Do You Need Help with Reading? Here are the Best Text Readers for the Blind

In the 21st century where there’s a rapid growth in technology, the blind community isn’t left behind. Gone are days when computers could not be operated by the blind. With the help of technological innovations, not only can the blind carry out basic computing but can also executive complex tasks. A screen reader is vital[…]

List of Free Software Every Visually Impaired Student Should Consider

The internet abounds countless software, most of which are designed for the average abled person. Using these apps may pose a lot of challenges to anyone with a low vision. As a visually impaired student, getting a custom app that is designed with you in mind will go a long way to enhance your user[…]

8 Best One Handed Assistive Devices

Adapting to life with an upper limb disability could be challenging, especially for individuals who are used to doing things with both hands. Fortunately, there are many assistive devices out there that make life easier for people with upper limb disabilities. In this article, you will find my selection of some of the best one-handed[…]

How to Walk with Your Crutches Without Getting Tired

Crutches are often used by patients with leg injuries. The patient has to use the crutches for over 4 weeks to 6 months at times, depending on the severity of their condition. During that time, they are encouraged to be mobile and engage in their regular activities. Using crutches requires strength and flexibility of the[…]

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