10 Best Disability Equipment Manufacturers

disability equipment manufacturers

Individuals living with various types of physical disabilities require different types of specialized equipment.

These tools help them to carry out their everyday work and activities.

Disability equipment can range from glasses and braille for persons with different levels of visual impairments, to crutches and wheelchairs for people who have difficulty walking.

Over the years, several companies have dedicated their work to the production of such equipment for the use of disabled persons.

This article is a compilation of such companies who offer the best products on the market.

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Top 10 Disability Equipment Manufacturers

These are some of the best manufacturers of disability equipment today.

1. Human Care

The Human Care Group produces a wide range of equipment such as mobility aids including rollators, wheelchairs, and special medical beds.

The company’s goal is to manufacture innovative disability equipment that can fit naturally into users’ lifestyles and better care for their unique needs.  

Founded in the early 1990s in Sweden, this medical equipment manufacturer has since spread its network of offices to Turkey, the United States, and many other western countries with a global network of marketers and distributors.

The company continues to grow through acquisitions as well as the innovative development of product designs.

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2. Frog Legs Inc

Since it was founded in 1996, this company has made a name for itself by producing high-quality suspension systems for wheelchair users.

Frog Legs Inc was started after its founder, Mark Chelgren, learned from disabled sportsmen how tensions and shocks from road obstacles cause pain and injury to wheelchair users.

Since then, the company has set out to minimize this inconvenience by producing tools that absorb shock effectively and allow disabled people to have less bumpy wheelchair rides.

This was achieved through the production of highly effective suspension forks, caster wheels, and other wheelchair accessories.

The company continues to innovate and is now one of the leading names in the production of wheelchair suspension systems.

3. Life Walker

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Inspired by the sad experience of seeing the negative impact that the use of unhealthy mobility aid devices had on his elderly wife’s posture, Dave Purcell set out to produce better types of walkers to make movement easier and healthier for disabled people.

The result of this quest is Life Walker, a company dedicated to the production of walkers that allow users to maintain their natural postures while using them.

The company’s revolutionary innovation is known as the UpWalker.

It has been available for sale since 2017 and has received plaudits from experts and users for its contribution towards the improvement of disabled persons’ health.

Life Walker has received honorable recognition from bodies such as Orthopedics This Week.

4. Ottobock

With over a hundred years of experience in the production of disabled people’s aid equipment, few competitors can claim to have more experience than Ottocock.

It was founded in Berlin in the aftermath of WW1 and has since grown into a global leader in the production of prostheses.

This vast experience is evident in the innovation, skill, and quality of their products.

Ottobock’s stated goal is to allow disabled persons to “get back their freedom of movement”. To achieve this, the company manufactures a wide range of high-tech exoskeletal and prosthetic devices among other products.

These products help leg amputees not only to go through their rehabilitation phase easily but also to fit seamlessly back into their everyday life activities.

Ottobock regularly invests in research and development to discover new means of using technology to better the lives of handicapped people.

5. Shanghai Siyi Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd

While several companies focus on manufacturing already-existing types of disability equipment, others actively seek new, innovative designs and products to better support disabled persons.

Shanghai Siyi is one of the manufacturers in the latter category.

As one of the foremost producers of rehabilitation robots based in China, it produces robotic gloves to help persons who have difficulty using their hands to get rehabilitated. Such individuals include victims of stroke.

These devices aid and promote the hand to regain its sensation after injuries that paralyze it.

Shanghai Siyi continues to push the boundaries of medical rehabilitation technology through regular high-level scientific research in the field.

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6. Invacare

Since it was founded in 1885, Invacare has produced disability aid equipment ranging from mobility aids to beds designed to maximize users’ comfort.

The company uses the consumer-based model of production and tailors its product designs, features, and specifications to the needs of its clients.

Driven by its stated goal of “Making Life’s Experiences Possible”, Invacare products aim at enabling users to recover easily and to pursue enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyles.

Invacare’s products enjoy certification for meeting the highest international standards.

Importantly, the company’s products are relatively cost-effective, as some of their parts and accessories can be used for other products from the same company.

Invacare has so succeeded that it is now listed on the American stock market.

7. Hoveround

disability equipment manufacturers

Hoveround aims to produce the most maneuverable scooters and wheelchairs on the market for the use of the disabled.

The company draws inspiration from the founder’s dream over 20 years ago.

They intend to build mobility aids that will be able to move through spaces that only a person on foot could. 

Based in Florida, Hoveround is wholly accountable for the standard of all its products and constantly innovates and redesigns its power chair and scooter models.

This is to produce models that meet the highest standards of quality and provide users with as much freedom as possible to navigate through restricted spaces.

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8. Pride Mobility

From its humble beginnings in Pennsylvania in 1986 to its eventual entry into the international market in 1998, Pride Mobility has produced several types of high-quality mobility equipment.

The company aims at eventually becoming the best in the field of mobility equipment.

Pride Mobility is a diversity-oriented company that places a high premium on maintaining an inclusive and well-motivated workforce as a way to give everybody a sense of belonging and ensure greater staff productivity.

The company also encourages customer feedback and utilizes this in shaping future decisions.

9. Prairie View Industries

Prairie View has, since 1991, helped make buildings more accessible to wheelchair users by manufacturing foldable aluminum ramps.

This helps to give disabled persons more freedom and a greater sense of belonging in society.

Dedication to quality has been a major policy of the company, which has since expanded its scope of business into food and intends to continue growing into other areas.

Prairie View is looking to build a family and community-based company where the employer, employees, and customers are made to feel valued.

10. Sunrise Medical

This company has production facilities located in 10 different countries across 4 continents and over 2,000 employees all over the globe.

The company manufactures devices such as wheelchairs and scooters.

In line with its stated mission to “Improve people’s lives”, the company endeavors to build customer trust by responding to complaints and rendering services in the most polite manner possible.

It constantly innovates and improves its product models as well as its service processes and patterns to better meet the clients’ needs.

Furthermore, it is dedicated to manufacturing equipment of the highest standards to guarantee greater comfort for users.

10 Best Disability Equipment Manufacturers


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