What is a Mobility Hearing Accessible Room? (Answered)

what is mobility hearing accessible room

What if you could make your guest room comfortable and a safe space for guests with hearing impairments?

Yes, that’s the mobility hearing accessible room you’ve heard everyone talking about.

In fact, hotels, inns, and lodges are leveraging assistive technology to improve their hospitality services to disabled persons.

And yes, you shouldn’t be left behind.

You can make your room accessible for persons with hearing impairment using a wide range of assistive technology. This concept aims at helping partially or totally deaf individuals to access and enjoy a place, even when it’s home away from home.

You, too, can create a mobility hearing-accessible room for yourself or your guest.

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What is a Mobility Hearing Accessible Room?

A mobility hearing-accessible room is a safe space for people with hearing impairments. Such impairments could be a significant or total loss of hearing. This condition could be inborn or caused by diseases, injury, old age, or congenital disabilities.

People with hearing impairments cannot hear sounds like a fire alarm, a doorbell, and incoming phone calls. Meanwhile, these sounds are a vital part of one’s existence.

For example, a doorbell sound alerts you of other people’s presence at the door. The inability to hear such sounds makes it impossible to communicate and enjoy other vital benefits.

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And this is where a mobility hearing-accessible room fits in. This room contains all the needed features to alert people with hearing impairments. In order words, a mobility hearing accessible room is simply a room with product designs and services to make life easier for people with hearing impairments.

These days, workplaces and other institutions are beginning to consider the needs of disabled persons by integrating accessibility into their products, services, and environment. So, here we go with the features of a mobility hearing-accessible room.

Features of a Mobility Hearing-Accessible Room

A 2010 US Census shows that two out of every ten Americans have a disability. This census implies that both disabled and non-disabled persons will continue to drift into your property.

So, the trick is to make your property friendly to accommodate everyone.

This article section highlights assistive technology that makes rooms friendly for people with hearing impairments. Note that these features are products of research and development to benefit people with hearing impairments.

Doorbell flasher

hearing accessible room

By contrast, a doorbell flasher alerts the presence of someone at the door with a flashing strobe light. This feature differs from the traditional doorbell chime that gives a loud noise when pressed.

The doorbell flasher for people with hearing impairments works using two different light features in a fantastic visual alert system. All the visitor needs to do is press the button on the doorbell flasher to signal the flash. These devices come in different models and sizes. Be sure to get the one that meets the needs of the disabled person on your property.

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Phone ringing flasher

This device helps people with hearing impairments not miss incoming phone calls. A phone ringing flasher can work with a landline and a cell phone simultaneously. It has unique flash patterns and glows, so you can select the pattern and glow you want, depending on your preference.

Here’s the back part about the phone ringing flasher. It is easy to install and does not cost a fortune.

Visual fire with strobing light

what is mobility hearing accessible room

The visual fire with strobing light provides a visual warning to people with hearing impairments. It uses a xenon flashing strobe to give a bright plasma discharge based on the intensity of the radiation.

In the case of a fire emergency, a visual with strobing light strobing alerts people with hearing impairments about the situation. It is one of the features to consider when making a mobility hearing-accessible room for guests with disabilities.

TDD communication device

A TDD communication device helps people with hearing impairments communicate over a phone line. In Europe, the device is commonly known as a teletypewriter or a textphone.

Here’s how a TDD communication device works. A person with hearing impairments uses the device to type messages over a phone to the person at the other end. The person can also receive and read messages from their caller via the TDD communication device.

But remember that this device must be available at both ends (the caller and the receiver) to communicate effectively.

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Bed shaker with clock

Another feature in a mobility hearing-accessible room is the bed shaker alarm. This device is effective for people with hearing impairments and sleeping disorders.

The strobing light in a bed shaker alarm helps notify people with hearing impairments. It also has a vibration mechanism placed under the bed or pillow to jolt the disabled person from their sleep.

Closed Caption on TV

This feature displays an ongoing TV program as a text for people with hearing impairments. These television programs are usually information, news, and entertainment. Most TVs have closed captioning features to make programs easily accessible to everyone.

And it is pretty easy to switch on the closed captioning features on the TV, although the processes differ among brands and models.

Visual door knocker

It is an effective alerting knocking device for the impaired hearing community. This device works similarly to the traditional door knocker that mechanical send a sound to the building. The only difference between the two is that the visual door knocker sends a visual alarm instead of a sound.

Multi-level door viewers

The multi-level door viewers give high-rise security and fire alarm safety for people with hearing impairments. And the best part is that the multi-level door viewers are easy to operate and affordable. You will get good, smart multi-level door viewers on Amazon at a good price.

Lower shelving

Lower shelving is another feature of a mobility hearing-accessible room. This feature is great for people with hearing impairments because it helps them create visual weight in their room. Lower shelving makes it easy for them to access things easily. Most hotels have lower shelving installed in their properties to accommodate disabled persons.

What is a Mobility Hearing Accessible Room? (Answered)


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