Can Deaf People Scream? (Answered)

can deaf people scream

A scream is loud and produces a startling effect. 

Screaming could mean a lot of things.

It discloses several emotions that could result as a response to fear, sorrow, pain, and other factors. 

A person’s scream is often unpleasant and could cause an adverse reaction from the person on the receiving end or any other person. 

You could refer to screaming as yelling, shrieking, squealing, among other words. 

A deaf person has little or no ability to hear. Having impaired hearing could be limiting in some aspects. 

You probably have wondered if deaf people can scream. Keep reading to find out more. 

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What Happens When a Person Screams?

Screaming has an effect on a person’s body when the action occurs. 

When a person screams, air goes through the vocal cord with increased force than normal vocalization. 

On the receiver’s end, a scream goes straight to the amygdala from the ear. The amygdala is a part of the brain that processes emotional responses.

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Effects of Screaming

A scream could be an extremely loud noise.

Screaming could cause adverse reactions over time. Such reactions include headaches, agitation, gradual destruction of vocal cords, and a sore throat. 

For the listener, it could cause stress and even a headache. A person might give a reflex reaction when exposed to it.  

Not everyone likes to be yelled at.  

If screaming occurs frequently, it could cause tension and even emotional damage to the recipient over time.  

Although it is beneficial in some cases, it is essential always to have a better outlet of emotions for effective communication.

Can Deaf People Scream?

what does a deaf person screaming sound like

Yes, deaf people can scream. Their inability to hear doesn’t mean that they cannot scream. Like any other person, a deaf person can be vocal. Although a deaf person cannot process sounds, they can make sounds or speech. Some deaf people can even speak.

Remember, there are different levels of deafness. There is a distinction between the speech of a hearing person and that of a deaf person, though. 

This difference does not imply that a deaf person cannot speak. 

Relating this to screaming, anyone with vocal cords can make a sound.

Screaming is not a learned behavior; it is a natural response. 

Some deaf and hard-of-hearing people might be loud unintentionally because they cannot know how loud they get.  

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What Could Make a Deaf Person Scream?

Although screaming is mostly a reflex action, there are other reasons why a deaf person might scream. 

Like an average person, a deaf person can scream if they are excited, in pain, grief, sad, or angry. Several situations could cause the reaction.

They might also scream if startled, scared, or frustrated.

Benefits of Screaming for a Deaf Person

Surprisingly, screaming has its advantages.

Stress relief

Like every other person, deaf people go through stressful situations.

Some stressors like the communication bridge with hearing individuals, dealing with life issues, coping with work or school, and others could be a lot to handle for deaf people. 

Screaming or yelling could provide temporary relief for stress. Doing this could be beneficial to deaf people. 

Raising an alert for help

A deaf person can scream if in an unsafe situation. This action will alert others and most likely get someone to help out. 

Drawing the attention of others

For deaf babies who are yet to learn how to sign or adequately communicate with their parents, screaming could come in as it is a natural response and not learned.

Expression of joy and happiness

Although the sound of a scream can be unpleasant, it is a quick outlet to convey joyful emotions. 

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How to Prevent Deaf Toddlers from Screaming

do deaf babies scream

Being unable to hear is quite challenging for most deaf toddlers.

They have to put in more effort than hearing children or deaf adults to adequately communicate with others. This could lead to times of confusion and frustration. 

Due to this, deaf toddlers are likely to throw tantrums. 

A tantrum is an annoying and unruly display outburst of anger and other emotions that involves screaming, primarily by toddlers and children. You could also call a tantrum a fit of rage. 

As a parent or guardian in charge of a deaf child, you need to understand and help them learn to communicate better.

Even if you’re not a parent or guardian, you could learn how to communicate with deaf children.

Knowledge always comes in handy. 

To prevent tantrums, you may practice some of the following. 

Be calm and in control of your emotions

It might be difficult to do this while a child is screaming and disturbing, but you need to calm down. 

You will control such a situation better if your emotions are in check.

Don’t ignore the child

This might cause negative feelings of being unwanted and lead to more tantrums. 

Understand the child’s perspective

You have to be aware of the reason behind the tantrum. 

You can achieve this by studying the toddler’s previous patterns. 

Set boundaries

Make the child understand that throwing tantrums is not the right solution to problems.

Let the child know that screaming is not a good response. 

Be firm but kind in enforcing these boundaries. 

Teach the toddler to communicate

The use of sign language can be introduced to the toddler to enable them to pass across information effectively. 

You can introduce sign language in bits.

Reward good behavior

Provide incentives and make it fun for the child to learn to control emotions. 

You can do this in several ways. Use a creative approach to develop an excellent reward system for the toddler.

What to Do When a Deaf Person Screams

It would help if you were careful and attentive when interacting with a deaf person.

If they scream when interacting with you, it might be due to several reasons. 

Make sure you communicate effectively to understand what the issue might be. 

If it is a case of danger, you must alert the necessary authorities immediately.

Ensure that you stay calm if a deaf person screams or yells at you. Screaming back will not solve anything. After all, they cannot hear you. 

Show support by validating their emotions. Don’t downplay the other person’s feelings.

In cases of grief or sadness, be willing to help out and also get external help if need be. 

Remember to be courteous and maintain eye contact throughout your interaction with the deaf person. 

Can Deaf People Scream? (Answered)


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