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Can Deaf People Hear in Their Dreams (Answered)

Sleeping for hearing people is when they close their eyes, sleep, and dream. Their sense organs pick up every element accordingly. But is sleeping and dreaming the same for deaf people? There have been several speculations about whether deaf people can do normal activities or not. One of such is a question like “Can the[…]

Can You Go Deaf from a Gunshot? (Answered)

Over the years, guns have interwoven with American life and have become an important part of history. This weapon is used for a wide range of activities. From hunting down animals to self-defense and warding off criminals, guns serve important functions. If you live in or are frequently in an area where there’s continuous exposure[…]

Sign Language Puns: Everything You Should Know

Puns depend on similar words, sounds, or spelling to make their listeners laugh. A pun is a play on words for the sake of humor.  It is also known as paronomasia, which means to create a name change.  In puns, different senses of the same word can be deliberately confused.   Puns could create various hilarious[…]

List of Top 10 Deaf Owned Business

Unsurprisingly, deaf-owned businesses are popping up daily nationwide. According to research, there are around 1000 deaf-owned businesses in the US as of 2017. This was less than 600 in the previous decade. There is a wide range of businesses suitable for people with hearing impairments. They cut across major industries and roles. So, it’s no[…]

9 Unique ASL Club Ideas for All Levels

American Sign Language or ASL is one of the languages that the deaf community employs to communicate with each other. Over the years, it has evolved to include many other modes of signing like tactile signing, fingerspelling, hand-over-hand, and tracking. ASL has now become a widely used language among people with disabilities and those without[…]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Deaf

There are different angles from which you can view the condition of deafness.  The lack of hearing can be devastating for many.  A person who is said to be deaf has impaired hearing or lacks hearing power.  Generally, it is easy to conclude that being deaf is a considerable disadvantage. Humans generally tend to lean[…]

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