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4 Mind-Blowing Ways a Deaf Person Calls the Police

It’s a common thing to dial 911 or call the police whenever there is an emergency. A 911 call to the police is the fastest and easiest way to get help in case of a robbery attack, burglary, murder, or any other type of criminal activity. It also covers fire and medical emergencies. Therefore, making[…]

How to Work With a Person Who Is Deaf or Hearing Impaired

Deaf or hearing-impaired persons are people who suffer from hearing impairment in either one or both of their ears. This hearing impairment doesn’t deter them from living their best life or reaching the peak of their career. It’s no longer news that several organizations and companies today employ hearing-impaired persons. The first-like concern that’s more[…]

5 Ways a Deaf Person without Hands Communicates

Communication is an essential tool that humans thrive on. We cannot underplay the importance of effective communication in any way.  A person’s inability to hear should not hinder the transmission of information. There are diverse formal and informal forms of proper communication for persons living with disabilities.   The use of sign language is the primary[…]

7 Amazing Ways to Get the Attention of a Deaf Person

Extra effort is needed to get the attention of a person who suffers from partial or complete hearing loss. Whether you intend to have a conversation with them or just want to call their attention to something, there are many ways you can get their attention without appearing rude or offensive. The way you easily[…]

10 Ways to communicate with a Deaf Person without Sign Language

The ability to communicate effectively with a deaf person without using sign language can be quite arduous, especially if it’s your first time. It takes a lot of patience, commitment, and concentration for you to properly interact with a deaf or hearing impaired person. And this is even more significant if you don’t understand sign[…]

Can You Be Fired for Being Hearing Impaired? (Answered)

There are two basic things an employer should look for and be concerned about in an employee. The employee’s qualifications and efficiency. Any other thing aside these two will automatically be considered workplace discrimination. Discrimination in the workplace is illegal and can arise in various forms and manners such as prejudices against your skin type,[…]

Can a Deaf Person Work in a Warehouse? (Answered)

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities have the right to work as long as they meet the requirements of the job. So, it’s not surprising to see employers hiring deaf people to work in manufacturing industries, retail, healthcare, construction, and professional services. However, there have been different lines of reasoning[…]

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