How to Walk with Your Crutches Without Getting Tired

Crutches are often used by patients with leg injuries. The patient has to use the crutches for over 4 weeks to 6 months at times, depending on the severity of their condition. During that time, they are encouraged to be mobile and engage in their regular activities. Using crutches requires strength and flexibility of the[…]

These are the Recommended Types of Crutches to Use

Crutches haven’t changed much over the years but are featuring more functionalities as time passes. With the help of technology, they are now being developed to offer maximum support and keep the hands free. This is a vital innovation that enables injured persons to go about their daily activities and catch fun even with their[…]

How to Use Crutches on Stairs Without Railing

If you’re using crutches, then you probably have a nasty leg injury, or you’re healing after leg surgery. Crutches might be uncomfortable and limit your range of activities, but they are remarkable for preventing or reducing pain while the leg heals. Whether it is in your home, apartment building, or outside, there are bound to[…]

Adaptive Stroller vs. Wheelchair: Here’s the Right Choice

Choosing between an adaptive stroller and a wheelchair can be tough when purchasing a mobility aid for your child. It’s probably your first time taking care of a disabled child, and the best experience you’ve got on mobility aids is seeing people frequently use a particular type. There are various factors to watch out for[…]

How to Carry Things with Crutches Seamlessly

Adapting to life with crutches can be one of the most challenging phases of one’s life. I bet it would come with its peaks and valleys even if you are using crutches temporarily. Apart from learning how to walk with this mobility aid, you should also learn how to carry things with crutches. After all,[…]

Lightweight vs. Standard Wheelchair: Here’s the Right One to Choose

Wheelchairs are assistive appliances that are designed to help people with locomotive problems or disabilities. They are, therefore, necessary for people who find it difficult to walk with or without assistance. There are, however, many things to consider when buying a wheelchair. This is because there is a wide range of wheelchairs to choose from.[…]

6 Best Car Modification Ideas for Right Leg Amputees

Being a right leg amputee can be quite challenging. But it’s never a limitation because you can still do the bulk of the activities you used to do before the amputation. With the help of mobility devices or prosthetics, you can comfortably drive a car, ride a bike, paddle a canoe, and go about your[…]

What is a Mobility Accessible Tub? (Answered)

A mobility accessible tub is a bathtub that is specifically designed for the elderly, patients with mobility issues, and the disabled. The tubs are larger than regular bathtubs and usually come with certain features for stability. They also come with deep floors and sit-in structures that allow users to easily step in and out on[…]

Best Mobility Aids for Cars

Mobility aids for cars are very handy devices for individuals who need assistance in one way or the other when operating their vehicles. In the past, there were very few options available for people with mobility issues. But today, things are very different. There are currently thousands of mobility aids on the market; this gives[…]

What is a Mobility Hearing Accessible Room? (Answered)

What if you could make your guest room comfortable and a safe space for guests with hearing impairments? Yes, that’s the mobility hearing accessible room you’ve heard everyone talking about. In fact, hotels, inns, and lodges are leveraging assistive technology to improve their hospitality services to disabled persons. And yes, you shouldn’t be left behind.[…]

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