6 Best Car Modification Ideas for Right Leg Amputees

car modification for right leg amputee

Being a right leg amputee can be quite challenging.

But it’s never a limitation because you can still do the bulk of the activities you used to do before the amputation.

With the help of mobility devices or prosthetics, you can comfortably drive a car, ride a bike, paddle a canoe, and go about your daily activities like an able-bodied person.

In addition, car modification has greatly helped many amputees get back to driving after recovery.

With the right car modification, different types of amputees can now conveniently drive their cars without hassles.

If you’re a right leg amputee who is looking for the best car modification ideas for your car(s), I’ve got you covered in this article.

Read on to learn more.

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What Does Car Modification Entail?

Car modification is the process of changing the features of a car to make it different from the original factory specification of the manufacturer.

People modify their cars for many reasons. It could be for aesthetics or convenience.

However, an amputee or people with disabilities in general, usually modify their cars for comfortability and convenience.

The modification ideas they choose to adopt often depend on their needs as disabled.

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Factors to Consider before Modifying Your Car as a Right Leg Amputee

can you drive with a right leg amputation

The vehicle type

There are different brands of vehicles on the market.

However, not all vehicles can be modified to fit your condition as a right leg amputee.

So, you need to ensure that your vehicle is the type that can be easily modified.

Modification needs

Sometimes, people with similar disabilities might not need the same type of modification due to their various needs and preferences.

As a right leg amputee, you need to make sure that you define the type of car modification you want to have.

Identify the challenges you have when driving as an amputee and modify your car to correct the problem to make driving easier for you.

Driving assessment

Some amputees develop drastic fear for driving, especially if their amputation is a result of a car accident.

Such amputees might swear never to drive again. Others might like to take the bull by the horn and face their fear by learning how to drive again as an amputee.

If you fall in the latter category, then you should be willing to have a driving assessment.

This driving assessment or test will help to determine if you’re fit to drive again and the type of modification your car will need to help make driving effortless for you.

In addition, a driving assessment is handy if you must renew or get a driver’s license.


Car modification can be pretty expensive, depending on the type of modification you intend to do.

This is why you must do a price survey to know how much your modification(s) will cost, particularly if you’re on a low budget.

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Best Car Modification Ideas for Right Leg Amputees

right leg amputee driving

1. Automatic Transmission

This is an important modification that helps to save you the stress of manually operating your shift and clutch.

It is an adaptive device that helps you to automatically change gears when you drive at a specific speed.

2. Left-Side Accelerator

Being a right leg amputee will require you to use your left foot for driving.

And a left foot accelerator is the ideal type of modification you can give your vehicle.

It works alongside the automatic transmission to help you accelerate your car without stress. 

3. Power Brake

Every car must have a good braking system to prevent accidents while on the road.

As an amputee, a power brake is the most ideal type of brake you need for your car.

Due to its hydraulics and other mechanisms it is made from, it enables you to easily stop your car or slow down while driving.

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4. Swivel Seat and Seat Lift

If your right leg amputation makes you wheelchair-bound, then you’ll need a swivel seat in your car modification.

This type of seat performs the function of a swivel chair and helps you to swiftly move from your wheelchair to the driver seat and vice versa.

It has a base that you can easily rotate manually or automatically with a remote controller.

The base enables your car seat to be rotated towards the door opening and over your car sill to enable you to gain easy access into the car.

The seat lift, on the other hand, works like a swivel chair. But it’s meant for big vehicles with high seats.

The seat is lowered to your most preferred height, then you sit on it and be lifted to the driver’s seat.

Some car manufacturers may offer you a customized swivel seat or car lift upon request.

However, if your car doesn’t have one, you can use the service of a professional in automotive or a mechanic to help you with the installation process.

5. Wheelchair Hoist

This modification idea is very crucial for amputees who are wheelchair-bound.

A wheelchair hoist helps you to effortlessly move or lift your wheelchair into your car’s boot.

It’s a great car modification that is so versatile and can be used to lift both powered and electric wheelchairs.

You can also use it to lift any type of mobility device due to its large lifting capacity that’s up to 180kg.

6. Pedal extension

A pedal extension helps you to easily reach the pedals of your car and aids the process of compressing your car pedal.

You can install the pedal extension on your right or left side, depending on the functional leg.

You can easily install a professional pedal extension that has both brake and acceleration for easier and seamless driving.

6 Best Car Modification Ideas for Right Leg Amputees


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