Mobility Devices for Disabled

10 Best Places Where to Sell New & Used Crutches

There are many reasons you should consider selling your used crutches. From clearing floor space to cleaning storage, selling your used crutches is a good way to replace them with cash. Honestly, it’s a win-win situation for you and the buyer/user of the equipment when you decide to sell your used crutches. However, the process[…]

Hemi Height Wheelchair vs. Standard Wheelchair: Here’s the Right One to Choose

A wheelchair is a mobility device operated either manually or power-driven. It is produced mainly for individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities. One can utilize it for both indoor and outdoor movements. Many things should be taken into cognizance when choosing a wheelchair, including the wheelchair’s durability and comfort, accessibility, height, and weight of the[…]

Best Disability Products for Seniors

It is natural that mobility becomes limited as we grow older. The strenuous activities we used to carry out effectively when we were younger, become almost impossible. This situation is even more critical for the disabled. And this is why disability products for seniors are highly recommended. These products take away burdens and allow things[…]

10 Best Disability Equipment Manufacturers

Individuals living with various types of physical disabilities require different types of specialized equipment. These tools help them to carry out their everyday work and activities. Disability equipment can range from glasses and braille for persons with different levels of visual impairments, to crutches and wheelchairs for people who have difficulty walking. Over the years,[…]

Best Kitchen Tools for One Handed

Life in the kitchen for handed persons is a serious struggle that other persons hardly ever understand. Especially when it comes to using tools that work best for those with two functioning hands. You spend a whole lot of time getting a few things done. For instance, opening a jar with a tight lid. This[…]

4 Unique Types of One Handed Walkers

The ability to move freely is a vital part of our everyday lives.  People with disabilities or others who cannot do so are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to being mobile. The introduction of the assistive technology of walkers serves to overcome this limitation.     Walkers are mobility aid equipment for people with a[…]

Pros and Cons of Forearm Crutches

Mobility aids are of great importance to handicapped persons such as leg amputees, victims of ankle injuries, and individuals who suffer leg muscle pulls. They can be used by individuals of all ages alike, whether a young injured sportsman or an elderly person with walking difficulties. There are several types of mobility assisting devices available[…]

8 Best Writing Apps for Students with Disabilities

The advancement in modern technology has resulted in the creation or invention of assistive devices and software programs that can help students who suffer from different kinds of disabilities to learn easier and faster in school. Many writing apps have been created by different professionals to aid easy learning, especially for students who suffer from[…]

Best Baby Products for Disabled Parents

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to anyone. The joy that often comes with that can almost make you forget your disability for a while. While many people harbor fears concerning parenting as a physically challenged person, technology has made a whole lot of that easy. With several[…]

Bariatric Wheelchair vs. Standard Wheelchair: Here’s the Right Choice

Although all wheelchairs are mobility devices, they often serve different purposes. That’s why persons with limited mobility or an illness restraining their ability to move should endeavor to gain adequate knowledge about the best wheelchair for their condition. And if you’ve been contemplating choosing between a bariatric and standard wheelchair but don’t know which is[…]

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