How an Amputee Takes a Shower (Ultimate Guide)

Being an amputee is an entirely new life experience that you should adapt to. The activities you normally do before the amputation can now become taxing and quite arduous to do because of your condition. An example of such an activity is bathing or taking a shower. Whether you’re a unilateral or bilateral amputee, the[…]

Can You Drive After Right Leg Amputation? (Answered)

Transportation is the act of conveying (or transporting) living (humans and animals) and nonliving things (objects, goods, and services) from one place to another. This can be done by land (road and rail), water, or air. Automobiles are vehicular inventions that help to eradicate delays, relieve stress, and ultimately make our lives easier and seamless.[…]

How to Transfer a Bilateral Amputee (Step-by-Step Guide)

The process of transferring a bilateral amputee has to do with moving them from their wheelchair to the bed, chair, floor, or their most preferred position and vice versa. Transferring a bilateral amputee can be an arduous task for many people if they don’t know the processes or strategies involved. Doing the transfer can, however,[…]

How Amputees Wear Pants Easily (Step-by-Step Guide)

Fashion can be an expression of identity, an individual’s personality, or culture. Choice of dress varies among different demographic sections, as well as between persons of various weights and other physical categories. For example, there are some clothing brands dedicated to producing clothes for plus-sized persons. For amputees, pants of all varieties often form part[…]

Top 10 Amputee Motivational Speakers for Inspiration

Motivational or inspirational speakers are persons who give speeches aimed at encouraging and boosting the morale and self-confidence of their listeners. Most motivational speakers center their speeches on their personal life stories, narrating episodes of their experiences that their audience can relate to. These experiences are often those of challenges that they, the speakers, have[…]

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