Top 10 Amputee Motivational Speakers for Inspiration

amputee motivational speakers

Motivational or inspirational speakers are persons who give speeches aimed at encouraging and boosting the morale and self-confidence of their listeners.

Most motivational speakers center their speeches on their personal life stories, narrating episodes of their experiences that their audience can relate to.

These experiences are often those of challenges that they, the speakers, have previously faced and surmounted.

The audience sees the inspirational speaker as living proof of the fact that the problems that face them can be solved.

The “if I can do it, you can” theme is central to the motivational speaker’s presentation.

Inspirational speakers speak on a wide variety of topics, which can range from alcoholism and drug addiction to relationship matters.

Disabled motivational speakers aim at promoting the well-being of disabled persons by encouraging them to focus more on their innate abilities and less on their physical impairments.

Here are some successful and compelling amputee motivational speakers.

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10 Best Amputee Motivational Speakers

1. Nick Vujicic

While many of the speakers on this list lost their limbs as a result of accidents or health issues later in life, this speaker is a victim of congenital amputation (being born without any arms or legs).

Nick is an American-Australian Christian preacher and motivational speaker who uses his personal story to positively impact the lives of amputees globally.

In his speeches, Vujicic often narrates, amid lighthearted jokes, his story of being rejected by his mum at birth and facing depression due to his condition while growing up.

Nick Vujicic found inspiration from his religious faith and has since become a Christian evangelist, stating on several occasions that the word “Go”, when added to “disable” spells “God is able”.

Despite his strong personal religious convictions, he started “Attitude is Altitude”, an inspirational speaking company directed at secular audiences.

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2. Jamie Andrew

With the right level of determination, positivity, and hard work, amputees can scale even the highest mountains in life.

This is the message that Jamie Andrew lives and preaches.

A mountaineer, he has climbed many peaks including the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the Swiss Matterhorn in Switzerland even though he is a quadruple amputee.

He has also competed in Marathon races.

Andrew’s message is one of resilience and strength in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

His story of being stranded for several days on the summit of the Alps and watching his friend die while waiting for aid is an eloquent testimony to this fact.  He has spoken at events in over 35 countries.

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3. Travis Mills

“Tough as they come” is both an accurate description of the character of ex-U.S Army serviceman, Travis Mills, and the title of his book.

Mills was wounded in action by a bomb while patrolling in Afghanistan in 2012, leading to the amputation of all his limbs. Since then, he has established himself as a strong voice in the field of amputee and veterans’ advocacy.

With his charisma, wit, and humor, he keeps his listeners engaged and spellbound while he inspires them with his story.

He also shows that resilience and commitment are all the limbs one needs to achieve success and happiness.

4. Stephanie Decker

When a tornado hit her house in Indiana and dangerous heavy debris began to fall all around her, there was only one thought paramount in Stephanie Decker’s mind – saving her kids.

Although she successfully saved her two children from harm, she sustained severe injuries, resulting in the amputation of her two legs.

Decker showed her incredible inner strength in her recovery process, learning to use disability equipment in a shorter time than medical experts projected. She didn’t let her experience stop her.  

Today, she delivers speeches and talks on how people can uncover heroic abilities, which she believes lies in every person.

Her speeches are presented in a graceful, genuine, and humorous matter.

5. Spencer West

Disabled persons who belong to other socially disadvantaged groups such as racial or sexual minorities often find themselves the victims of double discrimination and prejudice.

Spencer West advocates for disabled persons in general.

He had his legs amputated at the age of three, suffering bullying while growing up and surmounting these odds to become the influential person that he now is.

His personal story is one that resonates with and deeply inspires his audience.

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While he has frequently delivered his speeches in person, he also has a large following of over 3 million on TikTok where he shares his personal experiences and impacts lives positively.

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6. Amy Prudy

Amy’s life story encourages people to keep pushing on against all odds.

She has grown into an established athlete despite suffering a double amputation at a very young age as a result of a disease.

She won bronze at the 2014 Paralympics in the snowboarding category.

Prudy’s speeches persuade listeners to see the difficulties they may face in life as chances to be exploited with creativity and hard work rather than barriers.

Her book about her life story entitled “On My Own Two Feet” has won her plaudits and touched the lives of millions of people around the world.

7. Jamie Gane

Jamie’s struggle with physical pain and adversity began when he was diagnosed with severe plantar fasciitis in his childhood.

This condition kept his legs in severe pain.

Despite these challenges, he has forged himself into a successful sportsman, competing against non-disabled sportsmen and winning a silver medal at the World Judo Games.

He uses his personal experience to motivate youths and teens.

8. Justin Lane

Justin Lane has fought two types of battles in his life.

The physical battles as an American army combat engineer sent to Afghanistan in 2011 and an internal battle of will and determination.

The second battle has raged since he lost his legs to an improvised explosive device (IED) explosion while out on clearance operations. Lane won a Purple Heart for his heroism.

Thanks to friends and family, Lane has successfully rehabilitated and now shares his experience with others passing through similar situations.

He speaks to cadets at military camps as well as amputees and the public, teaching the importance of internal strength and determination.

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9. Danny Crates

Here’s one of the United Kingdom’s most prominent Paralympians.

Having won over 10 gold medals and many more silver and bronze medals, Danny Crates’ massive profile gives him a larger-than-life presence at his speaking engagements.

He promotes the need for individual self-confidence and belief.

He encourages his audiences to use what he calls his “5 key elements of success”, which is adaptable to virtually any business.

Crates’ glittering achievements make him a highly sought-after inspirational speaker.

He has impeccable speaking abilities to present to audiences of all professional backgrounds and sizes.

10. Rob Jones

Jones’s story is one that typifies his central message – a life of courage and resilience.

Jones has sought new fulfilling and purposeful missions for his life despite having both of his legs amputated after suffering a land mine explosion in Afghanistan, where he was deployed with the U.S. Army.

He has since made his mark as a Paralympian, competing in World Rowing Championships.

Rob Jones persuades his listeners to eliminate fear from their minds and to maintain resilience and hard work in the pursuit of their life goals.

Top 10 Amputee Motivational Speakers for Inspiration


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