10 Best Disability Management Companies

disability management company

Hiring the services of disability management companies is better and more effective.

They’ll use their expertise and experience to provide you with individual and group disability insurance products and other services.

These companies also extend their services to help disabled people find and keep a job, perform their best, and reduce the impact of injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

However, you may not enjoy all these premium benefits when you hire an inexpert for your disability management program. This is why I’ve come up with the most reliable disability management companies to consider.

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Top 10 Disability Management Services

1. Cigna

Cigna is a global health service administrator founded more than 225 years ago. This company was ranked number 13 on the 2020 Fortune 500 list.

The company has a proud portfolio of 99% of the US contracted pharmacies, 700+ accountable health care programs, and 500+ hospitals in the hospital quality incentive program.

It will interest you that the company has 22 million US customers under the group disability and life program.

So, you cannot go wrong using Cigna for your disability management program.

They are reliable, cost-effective, and provide flexible solutions that target preventing disabling events and safe and quick return to work, should one occur.

  • Website: https://www.cigna.com

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2. The Standard

This is your stopover if you’re looking for a disability management company that knows how to tailor its benefits to fit your disabled employees and your company as a whole.

They have over a hundred years of experience in the industry and caring culture for their customers and employees.

You’re assured of compliance with all state and federal laws when you hire The Standard to handle your disability management programs. They also offer long and short-term disability insurance to fit into your needs.

They provide a wide range of workplace possibility programs, absence management, and behavioral health programs, which you will easily find on their website.

  • Website: https://www.standard.com

3. ReedGroup

disability management services

This is the largest exclusive provider of absence management in the workplace and undoubtedly one of the top disability management companies. Their services also include data analytics and leading-edge software.

ReedGroup is a solution-oriented company with professionals working collectively to reduce the burden of disability management in the workplace. Expect a tangible ROI, improved employee experiences, and better outcomes with this company.

You’ll also enjoy experiences backed up with proven data and expertise as they understand policies across the US.

  • Website: https://www.reedgroup.com

4. Prudential

Here’s another leading disability management company with tools and services that help businesses focus on their goals.

They make it easy for businesses to address the financial risk of unplanned time away from work using disability insurance and absence management programs.

This company has been around for more than 145 years, actively supporting the growth and wealth of customers.

Their long-term disability program, short-term disability program, health and productivity analytics, and absence management help to safeguard and support employees on the business forefront.

  • Website: https://www.prudential.com

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5. Aetna

From tracking statutory disability to long-term and short-term disability, Aetna has been recognized as an efficient disability management company. This company uses a state-of-the-art system to handle all aspects of disability management.

They are experts in real-time absence balances, claims, and on-demand reports. Their 70+ wellness programs also put them at the forefront of the industry.

The best part is that their services span across several industries including public government, education, high-tech, and hospitality.

  • Website: https://www.aetna.com

6. ClaimVantage

disability management services

With ClaimVantage, you can enjoy an integrated approach in your disability management program; you’ll not often find this in many disability management companies.

This platform has smart and configurable tools in a single point of contact.

Most importantly, all data are tracked and provide you with valuable insights for opportunities and planning.

This platform is natively built by industry experts on Salesforce Lightning Platform and under the umbrella of Majesco. Many businesses have testified to achieving administrative and cost efficiencies with ClaimVantage.

  • Website:  https://www.majesco.com

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7. Spooner Inc.

Founded in 1975, Spooner Inc. strives to provide solutions to companies with employment-related burdens using an integrated approach and state-of-the-art system. The company prides itself as an expert in providing better disability management and prevention services.

Also, they conduct a thorough investigation of facts, medical, and background information within 24 hours of a claim. Yes, that’s how reliable and proficient they are.

You’ll get a quick and safe return to work, informed decisions, employee satisfaction, better cost control, and cooperation from treating health officials when you partner with Spooner Inc. Their services are budget-friendly, flexible, and unique.

  • Website: https://spoonerinc.com

8. Corvel Corporation

Corvel Corporation is a national provider of risk management solutions for a wide range of industries. The company’s accuracy and transparency in health payments set it apart from the competition.

You’ll be amazed at their short and long-term disability management that combines traditional methods and modern technology to focus on patient engagement.

The company’s data is easily accessible by customers, physicians, and adjusters for collaboration. Their processes include smart protocols that are in compliance with the law and can get litigation support when needed.

  • Website: https://www.corvel.com

9. Enlyte

Enlyte services promise its customers better disability claim outcomes and a fast return to work. Interestingly, this company has lived to its promises.

The company is a powerful family of 3 businesses with a shared vision; Mitchell, Genex, and Coventry.

They operate within the core values of ingenuity, collaboration, rigor, adaptability, and empathy. In addition, the team at Enlyte uses dedication, thoughtful care, and a dynamic continuum of technology to offer the very best disability management services to their clients.

The company is accredited by the Workers’ Compensation Utilization Management and the SOC for Service Organizations.

  • Website: https://www.enlyte.com

10. Organizational Solutions Inc.

This is an award-winning disability management company with grounds in the US and Canada. Their primary goal is to provide a timely, safe, and sustainable return to work and use their unique approach to achieve it.

Rest assured that you’ll get custom services from recovery facilitators with professional healthcare backgrounds.

The company’s short-term disability, workers’ compensation, and support services save tremendous human impacts and the financial cost of disability and absence from work.

They have clients across every industry thanks to their strategic disability and workplace absence management.

  • Website: https://orgsoln.com
10 Best Disability Management Companies


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