10 Best Dentists for Handicapped

dentist for handicapped

There are many reasons why governmental bodies and NGOs recommend special needs dental clinics for people with disabilities.

One of the reasons is that special needs dentistry appointments will take more time than regular ones.

That’s not all. 

People with disabilities may also be overanxious and need extra assurance during a dentist appointment.

Unfortunately, not all these special needs dentists are experienced as there are many inexperienced dentists all over the town, causing more harm than good. They will rip you off your hard-earned money and still leave you with a bad dental experience.

But don’t worry. I will introduce you to the best dentists.

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Top 10 Dentists for Handicapped

1. Strobel Dentistry

Strobel Dentistry was founded in 1932 to provide the best dental care in a compassionate environment. The company has built a stellar reputation in ethical dentistry to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

They use the latest technology and a commitment to extensive training to ensure high-quality dental care. Their responsiveness and reliability also set them apart in the industry.

You’re always welcome to schedule an evaluation with the team at Strobel Dentistry, as proactiveness and consistency are their watchwords.

  • Website: https://www.strobeldentistry.com
  • Phone: 3122351344
  • Address: 25 E WASHINGTON ST #1917, CHICAGO, IL 60602

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2. Altima Dental Group

From implants to cosmetics surgery and orthodontics, Altima Dental Group has remained one of the best dental clinics for the Handicapped in the USA. This company uses the most advanced dental technology for quality and comfortable dental care.

I must not fail to mention that they create a compassionate environment to build trust and strong relationships between their customers.

Altima Dental Group is your go-to dentist if you want to enjoy all the benefits of healthy teeth. They have everything it takes to make you feel better and satisfied.

  • Website: https://altimadentalgroup.com
  • Phone: 305-29702-8274
  • Address: 15795 SW 152nd Street, Miami, FL 33187, United States

3. NYU Dentistry Oral Health Center

dentist for special needs

The NYU Dentistry Oral Health Center prides itself as a leading-edge dental clinic for the handicapped. The center is logically situated at the NYC College of Dentistry and is easily accessed by disabled people across the Tristate area.

The center has specialized equipment and skills to provide essential and sensitive care to people with special needs. Their dental services cut across all disabilities and ages. There’s also a dental home provided for the patients.

This dental clinic has been featured in AM New York, Fox 5 N.Y., BBC, The New York Times, and many other major publications. Make sure to check out the center if you want comprehensive, quality, and affordable dental care for the handicapped.

  • Website: https://dental.nyu.edu/patientcare/ohcpd.html
  • Phone: 212-998-9800
  • Address: 345 E. 24th Street (at First Avenue), 8th floor New York, NY 10010

4. In Motion Dentists

Another great special need dental clinic is In Motion Dentists. They have existed for nearly a decade in Los Angeles and Orange County.

This dentistry offers unique dental services to people with special needs. The team understands the challenges of individuals with special needs and is trained to provide quality services to such individuals.

The company is an active member of the Special Care Dentistry Association. They also collaborate with several care homes and facilities.

In all, the team of dentists, hygienists, and assistants work closely to make visits to their clinic less intimidating for people with special needs.

  • Website: https://inmotiondentists.com
  • Phone: +16262252958
  • Address: 929 W. Foothill Blvd, Suite A, La Verne, CA 91750

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5. Disability Dental Services

Disability Dental Services intends to provide comfortable dental visits for the handicapped. This company leaves a positive dental experience for them by providing an easily accessible, manageable, and comfortable dental service.

Disability Dental services have been providing varying restorative and dental hygiene services for special needs people since 2007. The best part is that their prices are highly competitive.

  • Website: https://www.disabilitydental.com
  • Phone: +19724337294
  • Address: 923 State Hwy 161, Grand Prairie, TX 75051

6. Live Well Dentistry

dentist for handicapped

They offer general and cosmetic dentistry for disabled adults and children. And they focus on safety, comfort, and result in their operations.

This clinic tailors dental anesthesia to suit your medical history and condition. Rest assured that every dental care from Live Well Dentistry is effective and safe for you.

  • Website: https://livewell.dentist
  • Phone: 310-828-2440
  • Address: 2730 Wilshire Blvd #100, Santa Monica, CA 90403

7. Pediatric Dental Group

Whether your child is battling cerebral palsy, balance problems, walking impairments, or paralysis, you can never go wrong with a dental appointment at the Pediatric Dental Group. This dentistry possesses hands-on experience providing all kinds of dentistry services to special needs children.

The office environment is kid-friendly, and you will get a personalized treatment plan for your special needs child. The staff work with empathy and compassion and leave a memorable dental experience.

  • Website: https://www.pdgorlando.com
  • Phone: 407-737-7767
  • Address: 9161 Narcoossee Rd., Ste. 101-B, Orlando, FL 32827

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8. Thurm Dental Group

The clinic has provided individualized dental treatment to special needs people for the last 35 years. They create a treatment plan that aligns with your goals and medical condition in a way that makes you feel better and happier.

You can choose from a wide range of cosmetic dentistry, oral appliance therapy, general dentistry, and dental implants. Their team is experienced in providing compassionate dental care.

  • Website: https://www.thurmdental.com
  • Phone: (856) 335-1775
  • Address: 925 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108

9. Dental Works

This is yet another top-quality dental clinic serving special needs people. They treat their patients with compassion and respect while ensuring a comfortable dental visit. Their services are also affordable and comprehensive and include sedation dentistry.

Dental Works is affiliated with the American Dental Association and ICOI. They remain a first-class special needs dentistry that provides easy and stress-free dental appointments.

  • Website: https://www.dentalwork.com
  • Phone: 4803910099
  • Address: 9070 E Desert Cove Ave, Ste A101, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

10. Whiteman Dental Associates

Whiteman Dental Associates is the answer if you’re looking for a special needs dentistry with enough skill set and experience.

Here’s the most interesting part.

Their offices are ADA-compliant, making it easy to navigate and access inside and outside.

They use a patient-oriented approach and state-of-the-art technology in their dental services. With 20 years of experience in special needs dentistry and a sensitive team, they have recognized providing friendly and exceptional dental care.

  • Website: https://www.whitemandental.com
  • Phone: 6177314746
  • Address: Office 8 Alton Pl, Ste 1, Brookline, MA 02446
10 Best Dentists for Handicapped


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