How to Use Crutches on Stairs Without Railing

If you’re using crutches, then you probably have a nasty leg injury, or you’re healing after leg surgery. Crutches might be uncomfortable and limit your range of activities, but they are remarkable for preventing or reducing pain while the leg heals. Whether it is in your home, apartment building, or outside, there are bound to[…]

10 Best Places Where to Sell New & Used Crutches

There are many reasons you should consider selling your used crutches. From clearing floor space to cleaning storage, selling your used crutches is a good way to replace them with cash. Honestly, it’s a win-win situation for you and the buyer/user of the equipment when you decide to sell your used crutches. However, the process[…]

Pros and Cons of Forearm Crutches

Mobility aids are of great importance to handicapped persons such as leg amputees, victims of ankle injuries, and individuals who suffer leg muscle pulls. They can be used by individuals of all ages alike, whether a young injured sportsman or an elderly person with walking difficulties. There are several types of mobility assisting devices available[…]

Walker vs. Crutches: Here’s the Right One to Choose

I’ve been there and I know how draining it is to decide whether to use a walker or a crutch. Even though your doctor and therapist are in the best position to choose the best mobility aid for you, you can also determine which one meets your needs. This article will guide you to choose[…]

Crutches vs. Scooter: Here’s the Right One to Choose

Crutches and mobility scooters are both aids that help with your walking and movement from one place to the other. They both help an injured person make the most of their restricted body (or leg) movement. Crutches are used by people whose legs cannot support their weight due to temporary injuries or permanent disabilities.  They’re[…]

Wheelchair vs. Crutches: Here’s the Right Choice after Surgery

Oftentimes, mobility devices are needed after undergoing major surgery, especially surgeries that have to do with the bones or joints. Whether you’ve just had surgery after suffering from a broken foot, knee injury, broken ankle, or broken knee, this guide will help you to pick the right mobility device between a wheelchair and crutches. Here,[…]

Top 10 Places Where to Buy Forearm Crutches

Forearm crutches are also known as Elbow, Canadian, or Lofstrand crutches. They are mobility aid that helps to transfer weight from the user’s legs to the upper body. Forearm crutches have cuffs that go around the forearm. They are used by inserting the forearms into the cuffs whilst holding on to the grips. They look[…]

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