How to Pump Up Wheelchair Tyres Effectively

The process of pumping up a wheelchair tyre is one of the simplest and DIY-friendly tasks that anyone can perform. It’s similar to pumping the tyres of a bicycle or motorcycle; however, pumping a wheelchair tyre is even simpler. If your disability allows you to use your limbs and upper body strength, then pumping your[…]

How You Can Help a Blind Person to Cross a Busy Road

There’s no need to treat blind people indifferently or even stop them from walking down the road to enjoy the gift of nature. A broad walk does a lot of good to a blind person even if they cannot see anything. It helps them improve their circulation, lighten their mood, and strengthen their muscles. Unfortunately,[…]

Is Having One Leg Longer Than the Other a Disability? (Answered)

When an individual has one leg longer than the other, it’s popularly referred to as leg length discrepancy (LLD). It is a common physical condition among people and it often varies in severity. The process of determining whether leg length discrepancy is a disability or not has been a debatable topic over the years, especially[…]

Will I Lose My Disability Benefits If I Go to Drug Rehab? (Answered)

Disability is usually classified as any form of physical, emotional, or mental hindrance that causes you not to be able to perform effectively and spans the duration of at least 12 months or more. If your disability meets this criterion, then you are qualified to receive disability benefits, which are termed Social Security Disability Insurance[…]

Best Baby Products for Disabled Parents

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to anyone. The joy that often comes with that can almost make you forget your disability for a while. While many people harbor fears concerning parenting as a physically challenged person, technology has made a whole lot of that easy. With several[…]

How to Easily Call a Deaf Person Over the Phone

Since time immemorial, communication has always been a crucial part of human societies. People communicate for many reasons, ranging from exchanging greetings with family and friends to conducting negotiations with clients and business partners. With the advent of modern means of communication such as the telephone, real-time communication has become possible with people separated by[…]

Can a Deaf Person Work on a Construction Site? (Answered)

People with disabilities usually encounter many difficulties when looking for sustainable employment. And when they eventually become employed, they tend to face discrimination and neglect from employers and their co-workers. One of the disabilities that’s mostly hit by this employment crisis has to do with those suffering from deafness or hearing impairment. In as much[…]

Bariatric Wheelchair vs. Standard Wheelchair: Here’s the Right Choice

Although all wheelchairs are mobility devices, they often serve different purposes. That’s why persons with limited mobility or an illness restraining their ability to move should endeavor to gain adequate knowledge about the best wheelchair for their condition. And if you’ve been contemplating choosing between a bariatric and standard wheelchair but don’t know which is[…]

10 Surprising Jobs that a Deaf Person Cannot Do

Oftentimes, disabilities come with numerous restrictions and limitations, especially when it has to do with the type of job you can and cannot do. One of such disabilities is deafness or ear impairment. Even though there are many jobs that people who suffer from deafness can do, there are other jobs that they simply cannot[…]

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