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How to Easily Give Directions to a Blind Person

For seeing people, getting directions to their desired location can be a question of simply checking their GPS. They may also ask people for directions. But for people with visual impairments, getting directions to their destinations of interest can be a bit trickier. The reason for this is not far-fetched. GPS maps and oral descriptions[…]

Can a Blind Person Be a Doctor? (Answered)

The medical profession is a delicate and prestigious one. It houses many fields like podiatry, gynecology, chiropractics, and psychiatry. Doctors are certified professionals who are responsible for diagnosing and treating patients with diverse ailments. As a result of this, they’re expected to be fit and sound in all ramifications since they’ll be dealing with saving[…]

Can You Be a Pilot If You Are Color Blind? (Answered)

The aviation industry is one that’s filled with many professionals who help to facilitate the transportation of people and goods from one destination to another. One of the most important professionals in this industry is the pilot. Without the pilot and his expertise, transportation by air will be impossible. The pilot is responsible for flying[…]

How Color Blind People See Traffic Lights (Explained)

Traffic lights were originally invented by J.P. Knight, William Potts, and Garrett Morgan (even before the invention of automobiles) to help ease traffic jams on roads. Traffic lights are signaling devices used for controlling traffic at road junctions, roundabouts, and pedestrian crossings. They are automatically operated and contain colored lights that are typically red, amber/yellow,[…]

5 Effective Ways Parents Punish a Blind Kid

Children can be a handful sometimes. They could exhibit different negative behavioral patterns that might require you to punish or discipline them. This will prevent them from repeating or inculcating such behaviors as they grow older. However, society has moved past the old method of spanking or beating a child as a way of punishment.[…]

Can Blind People Cry? (Answered)

Out of every 10 persons, about 3 persons will have some form of visual impairment or the other, which can either be mild or serious. To be visually impaired indicates that something is happening with your visual organ – the eye. Before you can be registered as a blind person, you need to undergo a[…]

How a Blind Person Communicates with a Deaf Person

People with various kinds of disabilities communicate with each other, just like regular people. Even though some of them might not be able to hear, see, or speak to who they are communicating with, they still have many effective ways they communicate with one another. The use of American Sign Language (ASL) is the most[…]

3 Ways a Blind Person Knows When They Are Awake

One of the first few things you do when you wake up is to open your eyes to the beauty of nature. But for blind people, it’s entirely different. They can’t perceive the brightness of the day or the darkness of the night like other people do. But like everyone else, blind people also sleep,[…]

6 Ways Blind People Know When to Stop Wiping their Butt

Have you ever wondered how blind people know when to stop wiping their butt? Don’t feel so bad if you have, because it is natural to have many weird questions running through your mind when you see a blind person. Blind people are usually a subject of admiration when you study their lifestyle and how[…]

How You Can Help a Blind Person to Cross a Busy Road

There’s no need to treat blind people indifferently or even stop them from walking down the road to enjoy the gift of nature. A broad walk does a lot of good to a blind person even if they cannot see anything. It helps them improve their circulation, lighten their mood, and strengthen their muscles. Unfortunately,[…]

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