Can You Buy Wheelchair Accessible Seat Tickets If You’re Not Handicapped? (Answered)

When you check the ticket brochure for an upcoming event, sports, game, or concert, you may find various ticket categories. They are usually categorized by their prices, importance of personalities, and accessible and non-accessible seating arrangements. Event organizers have been encouraged to always make wheelchair-accessible seats for people with disabilities to also attend. Wheelchair-accessible seat[…]

Wheelchair vs. Crutches: Here’s the Right Choice after Surgery

Oftentimes, mobility devices are needed after undergoing major surgery, especially surgeries that have to do with the bones or joints. Whether you’ve just had surgery after suffering from a broken foot, knee injury, broken ankle, or broken knee, this guide will help you to pick the right mobility device between a wheelchair and crutches. Here,[…]

How to Hug Someone in a Wheelchair Correctly

There are few physical gestures as universally comforting as hugs. A hug can signify greetings, convey amorous sentiments, offer emotional reassurance, or give security and support. Described as ‘the heart’s handshakes’, hugs relieve pain and stress, strengthen interpersonal bonds and relationships, and reduce nervousness and fright. When faced with the need to hug people in[…]

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle: Best Cars for Carrying Wheelchairs

Are you searching for the best cars for carrying wheelchairs? Would you like to know the best wheelchair-accessible vehicles for the money? You’re in the right place. Disability-friendly vehicles are not always easy to come by. Most caregivers have to spend hours upon hours searching for the best cars for wheelchair transfer before seeing something[…]

How to Build a Wheelchair Lift like a Pro

Apart from the primary function of helping wheelchair users access the floors of a building, a wheelchair lift improves the safety and confidence of a wheelchair user. I’ll mention the other benefits of a wheelchair lift in the latter part of this article. Note that a wheelchair lift is important and a contributing factor to[…]

How to Dance With Someone in a Wheelchair

Being in a wheelchair does not stop you from enjoying and rocking to your favorite music. You can make amazing dance moves just like every other person. Yes, nothing stops you from dancing for fun or fundraising, rehab therapy, or moneymaking. The most interesting part about wheelchair dances is that they can be done in[…]

How to Install a Wheelchair Lift in a Van Like a Pro

As discussed previously, there are three main categories of wheelchair lifts; internal, external, and hybrid lifts. This article will show you how to install these types of lifts. There are different products of wheelchair lifts. Hence, the installation of each product type might tend to differ from the other. This article can, therefore, serve as[…]

15 DIY Wheelchair Decoration Ideas

Being wheelchair-bound should not prevent you from exploring your creativity. Your wheelchair doesn’t have to be just plain without any character or adornment. You can personalize your wheelchair in different ways or designs to tell the world what you’re all about and make it aesthetically appealing. Fortunately, there are many interesting and unique DIY wheelchair[…]

How to Make a Cup Holder for a Wheelchair (DIY)

As a wheelchair user, staying hydrated cannot be overemphasized because it helps with the easy movements of the rest of your body that aren’t restricted. A cup holder is, therefore, a useful accessory that helps you carry your cup or bottle wherever you go and prevents you from getting dehydrated. Dehydration contributes to the root[…]

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