Group 2 vs. Group 3 Power Wheelchair: Here’s the Right One to Choose

Are you faced with the tough decision of choosing between a group 2 and a group 3 power wheelchair? Let me guess. You’ve been searching around town for a power wheelchair that allows move around and exercise your limbs. No pressure there! This article covers everything you should know about group 2 and group 3[…]

Hemi Height Wheelchair vs. Standard Wheelchair: Here’s the Right One to Choose

A wheelchair is a mobility device operated either manually or power-driven. It is produced mainly for individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities. One can utilize it for both indoor and outdoor movements. Many things should be taken into cognizance when choosing a wheelchair, including the wheelchair’s durability and comfort, accessibility, height, and weight of the[…]

Complete Guide On Choosing Disabled Clothing for Wheelchair Users

Being wheelchair-bound comes with lots of challenges when it comes to choosing the right clothing. You have to find the exact style, fashion type, and the right cuts that will look good on you. It’s even worse when you don’t have any idea what to look out for when getting clothes for yourself or other[…]

How to Pump Up Wheelchair Tyres Effectively

The process of pumping up a wheelchair tyre is one of the simplest and DIY-friendly tasks that anyone can perform. It’s similar to pumping the tyres of a bicycle or motorcycle; however, pumping a wheelchair tyre is even simpler. If your disability allows you to use your limbs and upper body strength, then pumping your[…]

How to Choose a Reliable Transport Wheelchair (Complete Guide)

When it comes to choosing ambulation devices, there are many options available on the market. A transport wheelchair is one of them. If you’ve been contemplating the best transport wheelchair to aid your mobility, especially when you’re always on the road, then this guide is a must-read for you. Here, we shall be discussing what[…]

Power Wheelchair vs. Scooter: Here’s the Right One to Choose

Over the years, there has been an ongoing debate about a power wheelchair being the same or having the same functionality as a scooter. As a matter of fact, most people use them interchangeably when talking about mobility devices. However, these devices are different from each other, especially when it comes to usage. Although both[…]

How to Kiss Someone in a Wheelchair Correctly

It’s a beautiful thing to wrap your hands around someone you love and plant a kiss on their cheek or lips. This simple gesture isn’t only endearing but spices the good moments you share with your partner. Sometimes, it’s the most affectionate way to bid your loved one goodbye. But what happens when this person[…]

Top 10 Places Where to Buy Wheelchair Tires

A wheelchair is comprised of four wheels – two large wheels at the rear and two small wheels in front known as casters. These wheels are encased by tires. The large wheels provide support for the wheelchair, especially with the user’s weight; this way, the wheelchair can be propelled easily. Then the casters help with[…]

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