How to Install a Wheelchair Lift in a Van Like a Pro

As discussed previously, there are three main categories of wheelchair lifts; internal, external, and hybrid lifts. This article will show you how to install these types of lifts. There are different products of wheelchair lifts. Hence, the installation of each product type might tend to differ from the other. This article can, therefore, serve as[…]

15 DIY Wheelchair Decoration Ideas

Being wheelchair-bound should not prevent you from exploring your creativity. Your wheelchair doesn’t have to be just plain without any character or adornment. You can personalize your wheelchair in different ways or designs to tell the world what you’re all about and make it aesthetically appealing. Fortunately, there are many interesting and unique DIY wheelchair[…]

How to Make a Cup Holder for a Wheelchair (DIY)

As a wheelchair user, staying hydrated cannot be overemphasized because it helps with the easy movements of the rest of your body that aren’t restricted. A cup holder is, therefore, a useful accessory that helps you carry your cup or bottle wherever you go and prevents you from getting dehydrated. Dehydration contributes to the root[…]

Here’s How Much to Tip Wheelchair Assistance at the Airport

The law requires that airports make accommodations for people with disabilities. Most airlines provide wheelchair attendants/assistants for disabled passengers. Although the rules and regulations are different in some countries, most major airlines provide this service at no extra cost. The job of a wheelchair attendant varies but the primary responsibilities are similar in all locations.[…]

How to Remove a Wheelchair Lift from a Van

A wheelchair lift is a mechanical platform used to raise or lower a wheelchair into and out of the van. It is mostly used to conveniently transport power wheelchairs since most types are not foldable like the manual wheelchair. It can also function as a lift to transfer other heavy equipment into your vehicle without[…]

How to Oil Your Wheelchair Effectively

The regular maintenance of your wheelchair will help prevent rust and ensure the smooth running of the moving parts. Wheelchairs manufacturers advise that you use lubricant spray to lubricate the moving parts, including the axles because increased friction between moving parts can lead to rapid wear and tear. They also advise that you oil your[…]

Electric Wheelchair Pros and Cons

The advancement in technology has given rise to the production of electric wheelchairs as great substitutes for manual ones. Older people with limited mobility strength and those with severe illnesses that have drastically reduced their ability to walk can now move effortlessly with the help of an electric wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs are also called “power[…]

How to Use the Pedal Exercise Equipment for Seniors in a Wheelchair

The pedal exercise equipment is an innovative piece of machine that pedals the user’s limb and requires no full-body involvement in pedaling. The user only has to move their limbs while the rest of the body is stationary. They, however, have to maintain a sitting position when using the equipment. Who Is It Meant For?[…]

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